Newish returning player trying to start the Blood-Stained Stars Epic mission

So I’ve been an on and off player since the beginning of time. At no point have I ever been involved in any corps or done much of anything besides casually mining high sec. My current character has been around since 2016 and I’ve accumulated a bunch of skills along the way. I’m approaching the Blood-Stained Stars quest and I have sort of a silly question. I have a Battleship, more specifically the Armageddon. I know that it’s overkill for the quest and that bigger isn’t always better. Just wondering if I will be able to complete the quest in this ship.

My current fit is pretty basic since I just earned the ability to pilot it. I have 1600mm Steel Plates 1, a Large Armor Repair 1, a Damage Control 1, and 3 Drone Damage Amplifier 1 for low slots. I have a 500MN Microwarp Drive 1, and 3 Cap Recharger 2 for Mid. I have 2 Med sized pulse lasers for my high slots since I have about 5 more days until I can run heavy lasers. I also have a full flight of tech 1 heavy drones (Amarr, Minmitar, and Galente)

Mostly I’m worried about losing my badass battleship I’ve worked years to earn. I could go and fit a destroyer like guides suggest, but I just like the idea of cruising through high sec with a big ol’ boat. I’m also curious of my chances to destroy the large fleet from mission 30.

its been a long time since ive done that epic arc, but i think you are against a lot of smaller ships which you may struggle to hit. It maybe worth trying to get some ISK together and opting for a cruiser. Read up on the arc and see what kind of things it throws at you, there must be info out there on the internet about the arc.

That is a bad idea. Not only will you have trouble killing the mostly small ships in the arc with any of the heavy weapons of a battleship, the majority of time is spent warping around highsec, not in the missions themselves and battleships areas slow. You are better off in a cruiser or something smaller.

If you insist, you need to fit weapons that can track frigates and modules that help that. Use things light drones, webs, tracking computers and don’t even think about fitting large lasers. At least as a drone boat, an Armageddon will have no issue clearing all the sites with light and medium drones, but it isn’t going to be efficient or challenging.

There is no chance that you lose it either since you asked.

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I do have a Arbitrator that I was using prior to buying the Armageddon.

that maybe better suited, i did it in a caracal many moons ago

I found this on it, its old but I assume still relevant, there are a lot of missions (Id forgotten that there was so many) maybe have a glance through and try and prep what you can.

The SoE epic arc is optimized to be completed by a single player flying a cheap T1/low meta destroyer, with the final battle forcing the player to sweat a little to complete. There are basic fits for each faction capable of completing all arc missions in the fitting tool, under community fits.

You can easily improve the destroyer fits with meta/T2 modules to breeze the missions without breaking the bank. You can also upsize to cruiser and not lose much damage application vs frigate-size targets (which are plentiful in this arc), or much speed for all the travel involved (burning and warping alike).

The EVE University guide for the SoE is still accurate, so feel free to scan through it before starting to decide on your preferred approach.

The Armageddon will work but will be very slow. You’ll want a couple of squadrons of light drones and a squad of mediums. You can fit some rapid heavy missile launchers if you want but light drones will do most of the work and you’ll spend 90% of your time travelling.

I run the Arc to improve standing for my market characters - generally in a pirate frigate. I have an Alpha character who easily runs it in a Succubus - would be a lot faster and probably a lot more enjoyable than flying a battleship.

Use your Arbitrator. Your Armageddon could do it easily, but there is a lot of travel and geddon will be a lot slower.

Use light drones I say again - use light drones Most of the ships you will face in the Sisters of EvE Epic Arc are frigate-size with some destroyer and cruisers. Heavy drones will not do well, they are for battleship-size targets.

Use 3 drone damage amplifier, omnidirectional tracking link with tracking speed script, drone navigation computer.

Your Armageddon’s tank is highly unlikely to break on that Arc. I’m afraid a battleship is not going to impress many, they are pretty common.



Started flying these missions with my Arbitrator.

Thanks all for the helpful advice!

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