L4 Fit For Tengu / Golem duo


A friend and I are thinking of trying to run some missions together. I am aware that both of these ships can solo L4s, thats fine. We want to run them together.

We’d like to:

  • Loot and salvage as we go
  • Omni tank
  • Not move slow as molasses

I was thinking the tengu could specialize in fighting small enemies and let the golem focus on pounding the big boys, that way each ship doesnt have to cover all the bases.

Anyways, given those parameters would love to see some mission fits.

Thanks for any help.

Yah, either ship alone is OP for Lv4 missions, but sounds fun teaming up and alleviating the boredom.

Here’s some forum links, nothing has changed recently so likely still relevant:

Thanks for the links @M_Cincinnatus I will take a look.

The only thing different I can think of is that I know in some golem fits for example they rig a certain way in order to better hit small ships. I need to read up more on the rigs, I guess thats the only real spot where you might rig the tengu and the golem differently since theyre going to specialize a bit (assuming thats not a foolish idea).

Anyways thanks for your help.

If you feel you need more input, hopefully someone will be along that has a lot more experience.

I prefer Kronos when running Lv4’s. Launchers and turrets have their advantages and disadvantages, but I really enjoy turrets in that you can insta-blap small targets at range. Just a matter of prioritizing targets, having the right fit, and knowing your ranges.

However, most of my missiles experience comes from flying cerb in Abyss. AFAIK, the above links seem to have the rigs/mods for hitting small targets as best they can. Also, small npc’s in Lv4’s are generally nowhere near as tough as Abyss, so they shouldn’t be too much trouble. One addition would be to use faction missiles against small targets, T2 ammo against large, in my experience. Maybe someone else has better advice tho.

dual rigors T2.
There is no point in putting flares, because rigor impact the speed ratio and the sig ratio, but flare only impact the speed ratio.

but really, use precision missiles against small targets, and fury against the others. Don’t forget to paint them black.

This is like using a sledge hammer to drive a nail. Marauders are naturally cumbersome, lumbering behemoths (with a module that makes them completely stationary) which is ironic given that their name implies the opposite. If you’d both like a real challenge try L5s, Incursions or Invasions. That’s more suited for the hulls you’re bringing.

Or if you’re doing it purely for fun then downgrade those hulls to like AF or T1 cruisers. Doing them in T2 frigates will give you both good transitional experience for duo abyssal or burners.