Duo Setup For L4 Missions

Good evening!

Just getting back into the game after a long break and wanted to break into some L4 mission running. Looking for some feedback. Have a couple of decently skilled pilots floating around.

I know a lot of the common advice is around having one character shoot and one character haul / salvage, but I was thinking of doing a golem / tengu setup.

Maximize the golem for killing big things and looting, maximize the tengu for shooting smaller things. Have them meet in the middle.

Im not super concerned with super cutting edge max ISK/hour type scenarios, I just want to go lob some missiles at things and make some money. I really enjoy looting and salvaging stuff even if its not the best use of time (yeah, im the guy mining omber when its terrible, thats me.)

Hoping for some feedback on whether those two ships rolling together would be terrible from those much more experienced than myself,

Thanks for any thoughts or advice!

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Hello and welcome back to Eve.

I only fly Minmatar ships and work with one character so I can’t give any advice on your question. However I think your Golem / Tengu team with the proper fits should be able to complete most if not all level 4 missions quite easily.

I’m sure other players who are experienced with those ships will soon post useful advice. Good luck and may you have much success.

Yeah, you shouldn’t have any problems at all with that setup. Both ships can easily solo L4s, so the two of em together will work like gangbusters. They both use missiles so target painters would be good here. The Golem has light drones too so use those. Since you’ll be looting as you go and making use of the Golem’s light drones, I would maybe forego the MJD. Tank both ships. Not sure how long you’ve been out of the game but rats switch targets sometimes now, and some of them will shoot your drones.

Also I should probably mention, the golem/tengu setup is one of the best setups for high rank dedsites. If you get bored of missioning, maybe consider trying this setup on some combat sites.

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I think you want a golem+noctis.
golem for killing things, noctis for salvaging.
golem with TP and MJD should have no issue at all.

Golem+tengu is a good choice


Golem + tengu will for sure lob a lot of missiles, each one can pretty easily be fit to tank anything lv4s throw at you. I ran a golem + nightmare for a while and mostly did the same thing. It’s a bunch of alt tabbing and a lot of key presses but it will roll through missions no problem.

I’d probably just have the tengu orbit the golem at 1500m or something. You already figured out have the tengu start small and golem go big, might want to assign golem drones to the tengu for quicker clearing of the small stuff. Or you might want to just drop salvage drones. with an MTU or two and the marauder tractor bonus you should be able to get most of the loot.

if you want to get lazy try auto-targeting missiles on the tengu. Should provide an effective screen on the small stuff.

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Oh yea, the other thing I’d recommend would be to use a drone boat for the second ship, a domi or rattlesnake would be my suggestions. Assist the drones to the main ship and that’s less alt tabbing. Domi has the great optimal + tracking bonuses sentries will hit pretty much everything. Or the rattlesnake can fit some RHML with auto targeting missiles to screen the small stuff, or go cruise and add more damage for the big stuff.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

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Anybody care to help with a tengu / golem fit specifically catered to this duo? I.e. I dont need to worry about trying to make the golem successful at shooting small things, nor the tengu at large etc.

Presumably wont need as much tank etiher due to two ships dpsing, but could be wrong.

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Look for my fitting guide. It is here in the pve and pvp section. Due to the forums being very weird, I don’t know how one get something pinned.

And as always, if you have to ask how to fit x ship, you should not be flying this ship. It means, you are not ready to fly it yet.

All ships in EVE come with an instruction manual on how to fit it to get the most out of it. Since this easy instruction is too difficult for less experienced pilots, I suspect someone couldn’t wait for experience to grow, which it does over time.

Some specimen here make weird assumptions and write “guides” like, make 5 accounts, so you can win and make 5 gajillions isks per second or whatever. Make input broadcast zee bots, so you can win more because EVE difficult and you need to have 5 or more accounts, so you can win, because with one account you cannot win.

It is worse in something that is called “pvp” which for some specimen means, “make input broadcast 5 or 5000 accounts to press FONE for one boat”, so they can win, because they are so insecure that they need to play with themselves, in a multiplayer online game.

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I don’t get why you want another ship than the golem. It is bonused towards painters. It has OMGWTFNOOB levels of tanks. plus bastion gives the torps correct amount of projection.

It needs micro management though. I mean, the target will die so fast …

The tengu on another hand has same level of tank ; but you can fit it with fof heavies and select your best flavor of tea to prepare for the afternoon. When your tea is ready, just go to next gate.
Using both is, I think, as useful as trying to use shield and hull tank - with hull repair modules.

I believe CCP is the only one who can actually ‘Pin’ threads. However ISD can make recommendations to CCP for certain threads to be ‘Pinned’.

Now about how to fit up ships for a specific task, that question is asked a lot. Hell, I’ve played this game for a long time and I still ask that question every once in a while.

As for each ship having an instruction manual for fitting, guess I missed that Dev blog. Granted most ships do have a couple of bonus stats applied to them for specific things but not all ships have bonus stats to suggest how they should be fit. Course there’s the old guide rule that if a ship has more low power slots then it should be Armor tank while a ship with more mid slots should be a shield tank. However there are exceptions to that as well.

Most of the time a google search will provide answers but that may take awhile to find. The main aspect of these forums is they’re suppose to be a place where players can share information. One thing is for sure, in this game Information is King and Conversation is it’s Queen.


This is how I learned to fit a ship. I may still make improvements here and there to squeeze out the most I can of a ship with the tools I have.
Back then, I was the one weirdo using the market window as information tool, where price tags where not the information I was looking at.

I figured out later that many Ferengi came to New Eden in their desperate attempt of forcing greed on everyone, so the important parts of the market windows rarely is being looked at.

Let’s look at my first love in EVE - The Raven:

  • +5% cruise missile and torpedo rate of fire per level
  • +10% cruise missile and torpedo speed per level

Cool, everything you need to know is right here, so what to put in 8 mid slots (has 7 now) with lots of choices…
Knowing from being there with my corp mates, I know you need a lot of tank or better yet, you fit a tank that specializes in the highest possible resistance you can put on that boat:

High slot:

  • shield booster, large or x-large remains to be seen
  • shooting the ebil and always dishonor jamming Guristas, let’s put 2x kinetic and one thermal hardener on, Raven is big ship, has lots of cap, so active looks like a good choice here
  • that leaves one slot… hmm… missile guidance is all the rage now since someone cannot balance missiles very good

Low slots:

  • damage module for missiles… oh okay ballistic control looks good
  • ohoh the fitting screen says, that will not last very long (2m:32s), maybe do something to increase that time or even make the capacitor look green
  • capacitor power relay looks like a good cap recharge mod- no wait, reducing shield booster, what?? Hell no, not on my beautiful Raven!!!111111elevn
  • power diagnostic system, hmm looks incredible, recharge capacitor, recharge shields, more capacitor, what is not to like.


  • hmm need a little application, so a rigor rig looks good here
  • okay two more slot, not many calibration left… okay 2x ccc rigs and voilà, capacitor looks green with everything on

Not rocket science (because cruise missiles) here.

But I get where you are coming from. Most people need to input-broadcast many accounts to press the FONE button because they never really went to middle school and learned fractions, so uncertainty is out of the question - just throw many currency at it.

2 HML/FOF tengus ( load heavies to kill BSes then load fof for the rest)

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Whats your fit @GinBar ?

So most fits you can find, the ship has to account for both shooting large easier to hit things as well as small, super fast things. Compromises are made.

If you were doing a golem and you said “man I am never going to have to shoot at a frigate or cruiser ever”, what would your golem look like?

If you were doing a tengu and you said “I am never going to have to shoot at a BS, and rarely at a BC”, what would your tengu look like?

This is a bit of a different flavor of question than your normal fit request.

I think thats what the OP is asking at least.

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