How to restart an epic arc?

i am 3 missions into the SOE epic arc, but i haven’t played it in a while and i want to start over with a friend, how can i do this?

You can’t but just let your friend lead while he does his first 3 while you warp with him, then you guys can do it together after.

Let the mission expire or decline it and wait 3 months? You can rerun the SOE epic arc every 3 months.


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bummer, thanks for the info tho!

SoE Epic Arc never expires. IIRC, they did it that way because they didn’t want newbros feeling like they had to finish right away, rather than getting into other stuff in the sandbox.

Not sure if you can reject a mission and then restart the arc from scratch.

You can technically every 6 months it renew’s. But you have to either decline it or finish it then wait 6 months, or was it 3 months I cant remember.

can be repeated every ninety days

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Ask a GM to reset it for you, create a ticket under “stuck”, explain the situation and they might just do that for you. Generally takes less than 20 minutes.


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