Rework SOE epic arc

Just going through the SOE arc again and i think there should be some work put into.

Normally in EVE, when you are meant to pick something up in a mission, you either loot a wreck or a can. In the arc though, this mechanic is mixed up and is quite confusing - especially for new guys i guess.
You are told to destroy a structure or ship and pick someone or something up several times through the arc. Sometimes you actually do from a wreck or can, sometimes the item is just teleported into your cargo, in “Hunting the Leutnants” you hit/blow up the structure and there is neither something teleported into your cargo nor in a wreck. It is just “roleplayed” you picked the guy up and dock to complete the mission.

This inconsistent behavior really is bad and frustrating mission design and should be revisited by the dev team. Especially because the arc is a new player experience.

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This is very old content, probably written in assembler and saved in punchcards…
But you are right, every “new player experience” I played through over the years is referring to the SoE Epic Arc, even the most recent ones including Agency and Opportunities. So we may gather some further anachronisms and hope anyone in charge will read that thread.


I finished the sisters of Eve Epic ARC yesterday. My account is 5 days old now. So I am a new player.

If I can leave some feedback here the thing that was definitely made me confused were the popups sometime that you get, or the “red text” when you read from your agent saying “pay attention to local chat” and I just keep looking and looking and nothing happened.

In the end, when I went to rookie chat for help after about 60 minutes of trying to figure it out. I had indeed had to loot some building or can to continue. After that moment there were a few more missions that had something similar but I was fine after that.

Another thing that was really annoying was the last mission where you had to fight Dagan. It took me almost a full hour to get him down because of his tank. All in all it was more frustrating then fun. It was not like I had access to something strong. And asking in local for help didn’t do much either so yeah, I have 0 friends in the game so there was not much I could do there.

My destroyer which is the AIR Fitted one with missiles does 7x 110 damage. But because his high resists it only did 29 damage per missile. And I did hit with explosion missiles as that seemed to be his weakest point. After about 1500 missiles I got it down.

huge waste of time considering the reward.

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I am not sure, but I think there used to be these items to pick into cargo. Same with career agents. They changed it to avoid issues when the item is lost/stolen and player cannot continue I believe.

This fight could have encouraged you to join up with other players (which you tried), but also could have been a moment to to ask and learn about ship fitting to increase your damage output.

If I had seen this question from someone who has trouble killing Dagan with missiles, I would have recommended to use short range high damage weapons (rockets) instead of the long range low damage option (missiles).

Each weapon system has a high damage short range and lower damage high range option, and any newbie in a Destroyer fit with high damage weapons should be able to take on Dagan.

Glad to hear you managed to kill him in the end, but next time you may want to refit your ship for a faster kill. :wink:


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