What do I do after I finish Career agents?

This is my first post and I’m very new. I finished or quit all career agents’s missions, what do I do now? I know people say do Epic arc but I dont have a good ship and I need ISK. Thanks.

Try the Epic Arc missions. you can find them in your agency window.

Okay, I’ll bite.

If you did the career agents, you should have gotten a bunch of ships and some ISK rewards.

Also, the SoE Epic arc is made to be an extension of the tutorial so can be started with the ships you got from the career agents (might near the end want to slowly upgrade your ship)

Thanks for the replies, sadly I only have 3 frigate and a destroyer that I can’t fly yet. I heard a lot about Epic arcs but I dont have ships good enough to do them nor the weapons. what is the minimum requirments for doing Epic Arc? like ship class(I play Amarr)? what fittings and weapons and stuff? also the mission station is 17 jumps away and I dont want to leave my home station where all my stuff is.

The first epic is completely newbie friendly.

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You’ll have to leave all you stuff at your “Home Station” as the Epic Arcs (Level 1) will take you on a 50 mission long chain across all the 4 Empires’ space. Now for choice of ship and fittings it really depends on your play-style; do you prefer Sniping/Kiting, Close-quarters/Brawling or maybe a more passive approach like Drone-boats? Keep in mind for you to break the tank of the enemy in the final mission you’ll need around 200 dps. As you’re playing (most interested in) the Amarr race I would recommend you try take a look at the Punisher (Frigate), Coercer (Sniper) or Dragoon (Drone). Using drones may require some micromanagement of the drones to not lose them :wink:


One of the ships you received from the military career agent will be the Punisher which is an excellent choice for the SOE Epic Arc.

With new player skills, this ship is quite capable of completing all but the final leg of the Arc - A skilled player with a T2 fit could easily complete the more challenging missions at the end. Assuming you have the hull, a suggested fit will cost roughly 1 million ISK:

[Punisher, Punisher fit]

Damage Control I
Experimental Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Small I-a Enduring Armor Repairer
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Extruded Compact Heat Sink

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger

Small Focused Modal Laser I, Multifrequency S
Small Focused Modal Laser I, Multifrequency S
Small Focused Modal Laser I, Multifrequency S
Small Focused Modal Laser I, Multifrequency S

Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I

Good luck

The Sisters of EvE epic arc is designed for new players. You will be fine starting it with a frigate.

Don’t hesitate to leave an area, you are headed towards adventure! Also, don’t be afraid to lose a ship in EvE. It will happen - sometimes intentionally - not a big problem if you don’t let it be a problem for you.

At the end of the SoE epic arc you will face a guy called Dagan, which really is designed to encourage you to fleet up with others. Ask in local in that system for someone to lend you a hand with destroying Dagan.

It’s the empire (Amarr, Caldari, gallente, minmatar) epic arcs that are about level 4.2 missions. There are also aa couple pirate epic arcs that are level 3 mission difficulty…but only filthy degenerate heretics would pollute themselves with those.

Also, see your ships as tools. For every activity there a correct tool. And just as in RL tools might break every once in a while.

As for the location, don’t get too comfortable with only 1 location. EVE is big, don’t be afraid to explore a bit.

When I started I clinged onto staying near my starting system for a long time, until a corp member found a nice spot in Amarr space to live in. Picked everything up and moved there for a while.

Eventually moved around Amarr, Caldari and Minmatar space before venturing into Null space, where I have lived up North, East and South of it.

My assets list is over 30 stations long, and currently trying to consolidate that a bit but it also helps to have stuff spread out a bit as you can set up anywhere you want quickly

Oh NICE! I have the punisher and the Coercer. I plan to fit lots of beam lasers, which is all I have with some multifrequency crystals. and I have 2 armour repairer. I think that’s fine right? Thanks.

the bad side is that I don’t have any extra weapons to fit on my punisher if I lost my Coercer, and I don’t have the money to buy new ones. how much ISK do you earn from Epic Arc?

I don’t remember how much the epic arc will net you, but if you need more ISK you can always re-run all career agents each set of agents should give you around 10m if rewards are still the same, and you can do it for each empire faction. They are on a 30 days “cooldown” while the epic arcs is 90 days.

Check your wallet then go do the SoE epic arc.

Punisher is a good ship.

May I suggest:

high slots-

  • pulse laser x 4 with multifrequency crystals (also carry 4 standard - yellow - crystals and 4 radio - red)

mid slots-

  • compact afterburner
  • targeting computer with range script (also carry tracking speed script)

low slots-

  • heat sinks x 3
  • damage control (for awhile at least)
  • small armor repairor (get small armor repairor II soon as you can)


Oh I decide to fly my Coercer right away, I think I won’t loose it so easily. I put some particle stream and four beam laser on it. I think 75 DPS is enough…Right?

and does the epic arc really worth my 19 jumps to get there? as my ship is super slow in warp and I really don’t like space travel. and also, is the targeting computer necessary? as I want to keep my two mid slots for the cap batteries.

also, whats the capacitor time about? the time it can sustain my weapons? and do cap batteries improve that time?

and one more thing, whats the stacking penalty? I heard if you group many weapons, they get less effective. is that true? in that case, how much penalty do I take for grouping 4 beam laser together?

first of all a small warning:

Destroyers (Coercer) are less tanky then frigate (Punisher) but deal more damage. So you sacrifice offence for defence.

The 75 DPS should be enough for most but the last couple of missions (Damn you Dagan).

Personally, I think the SoE is definately worth it and if I knew back when I started what I know now, I wouldn’t have waited more then a year to do it.

As for the targeting computers. They can be very very helpful, also depending on your skills, fit and playstyle. They help you to get to use your guns better, either by giving them more range or increasing their tracking ability.

As for guns in general:

Other then DPS, take note on 3 other main attributes:

  • Optimal range - You will do 100% possible damage if you are within this range (under the circumstances that your tracking will also suffice)
  • Falloff range - Added on top of optimal range, damage output scales down the further you are into your falloff range
  • Tracking - How fast your guns can rotate to track the enemy ship. If the enemy is faster then your guns can turn, you will have a hard time hitting it (a frigate blasting around a battleship at point blank is quite safe from the large size guns - but not the drones :wink: ).

Your capacitor is basically your battery of the ship. Some modules (active modules like armor repairer, shield boosters, lasers, hybrid guns, propulsion modules) use capacitor to work. Others (passive modules like shield extenders, projectile guns) do not use capacitor.

So, yeah, in a sense, as long as you have capacitor, your modules will work. Just like a dead battery in real life, if it is empty nothing will work. But, keep in mind that in the fitting window, the capacitor time is based on running all modules, constantly. With time and experience, you learn how to manage capacitor.
Certain modules can assist in your capacitor by:

  • Minimizing drain by other modules
  • Increasing raw capacitor size (a 200 cap lasts longer then a 100 cap)
  • Decreasing recharge time

Also note, that capacitors do not recharge linear. The highest recharge rate is roughly around 25%


As for stacking penalty:


There are modules that incurr a stacking penalty, guns in general are not among them, the more of those the better.

Usually stacking penalty are applicable for tank modules and weapon modifier modules.
1st module: 100% of base stats
2nd module: 86,9% of base stats
3rd module: 57.1% of base stats
4th module: 28.3% of base stats

As seen above, usually it is pointless to fit a 4th module if those modules have a stacking penalty as for 28% of the efficiency, it is likely more usefull to use that slot for something that actually works.

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Worth making sure you fit the same type of gun in all slots - mixing guns causes problems. Basically you want to have all guns firing at the same range at the same time. Mixing weapons means that almost invariably something won’t be doing the best job for you.
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I are good (and cheap at Jita but a small fortune in Amarr where they are in higher demand). In general a Beam fitted Coercer is a good “punch from range” ship - bit light on armour, but the idea is to kill things before they get too close to hurt you.

The (probably red) “cap time” is “how long the capacitor will support all modules and weapons when they are active if the capacitor starts fully charged”. You do not need to be stable because you are not going to have everything on at the same time - i.e. you won’t always be using the afterburner, you won’t always be repairing (especially if you can kill things quickly - that reduces damage significantly!).
In a long mission you are more interested in capacitor recharge rather than capacitor size (though adding capacitor size does improved recharge rate). Look at Cap Rechargers as a mid-slot module, they will probably serve you better than a battery by making the capacitor recover more quickly.
Managing capacitor is one of those things that come with experience in Eve. In general: try not to let if fall below about 25% or you hit the slippery slope of progressively worse recharge rate.

Yes, it is worth it - interesting story, reasonable rewards, nice standing boost. Travel is a pain in the neck (and believe me: that Coercer isn’t slow compared to larger ships!). Worth doing the SoE arc while you don’t have bad standings with any of the Empires since you are going to wander over most of New Eden during the (long) story. Having bad standing will cause problems in some areas!

None at all. Grouping weapons is about convenience - they all fire at the same target at the same time. Think “one big punch to knock out a target” rather than “slap, slap, slap”. Stacking penalties apply to how some modules interact with each other for example multiple heat sinks and energy weapon rigs.

I’ve repeated much of @J_Poll’s good response: I’ve run the SoE arc in a destroyer, it’s very doable. Dagan is the real challenge - you need to do good damage to beat his repair rate.

For the Coercer: training Amarr Destroyer to Level IV is worth it. Training the gunnery skills to improve damage is also a good step. General fitting skills are important. Google “Eve Magic 14 skills” as a starting point.

Yes, it does. Be sure to take the safer route, some Lowsec systems around Arnon are dangerous.
Don’t use the autopilot for travelling, just for the route, then warp and jump manually, that’s much faster and safer.
The Coercer is a cool ship for most of the SoE Arc, enjoy.
Actually I finished Dagan once in a new char in a Dragoon with neuts and drones, for I was curious if was able to kill his active tank. It took about 20 minutes and was arduous, but it worked out in the end. But as a rule of thumb you need 200 dps to kill Dagan. This is possible in a Coercer, but you need some skills and fitting knowledge.

I missed this part.

NEVER mix guns.

Pick one gun, and only use that one.

If you have 1 long range and 1 short range gun:

At short range you use half your possible guns to shoot someone
At long range you use half your possible guns to shoot someone

If you have 1 set of the same, you can go to the range that suits that gun and use them all at the same time.

Oh, so I try to buy 8 light beam laser and all use multifrequency? that should be good enough right? if I orbit at 6000m and shoot them, can the NPC shoot back? what are the enemies I will face?

I did train gunnery to V and training Amarr Destroyer now. Thanks

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Base stats on the ligh beam laser I:
Optimal: 9625 m
Falloff: 2000m
Tracking: 117

Multifreq S: halfs optimal range

So the orbit of 6k is well outside your optimal, but within optimal + falloff, so you will still do damage, just not optimal amount.

If you moved your optimal to 4k, and unless you are going so fast that your tracking will suffer, yes they will hit the target for a possible 100% damage.

Now, if the enemies can shoot back: sure. Will they hit you, depends on their “fit”.
And during the SoE ark you will go to all 4 major empires and will face their respective pirate factions so you will see different type of enemies.

“Can the NPC shoot back?” - yes. It’s not a duck hunt!
You are going to be facing mainly small frigate sized ships; they will shoot back, but it’s not savage. Dagan is the only challenge - as has been said you need to be able to do 200dps or more: but that’s well within scope of a Coercer.
In terms of handling incoming damage, a damage control and a small repairer should suffice. Put a heat sink in the other low slot to increase your damage dealing. Never be afraid to step out of a mission to allow for repairs and recharging the capacitor. You can then carry on from where you left off.

Take more than just Multifrequency. Standard and Radio are both useful. They are longer range; you trade damage for range, radio being the longest range, and can handle frigate sized stuff nicely.
If you are chronically in need of more damage, buy a set of Navy Multifrequency crystals. They do wear out (eventually - I think I had that happen once!), but they are a good investment, though not cheap.

Be aware of tracking issues: beam laser turrets turn slowly, slower than pulse lasers, so will not hit small fast moving close targets very well, or for reduced damage. Be aware of things closing on you and prioritise them before they get under your guns. Skills, tracking computers, and one of the energy turret rigs help with the tracking of turrets.

Aim to fight at, or just inside, optimal range. Falloff for energy turrets is very abrupt, and you quickly go from “big hits” to “nothing” as the range increases. The upside is that you can almost instantly change the crystals and thus the range.

Good on the skills. Have a look at:
They list the skills and their benefits - which is easier than clunking through them in game.

If you get stuck with Dagan (and people do - but a Coercer should be fine) then reach out to me in game and I can come and assist if needs be.

Good luck.