What the hell are you meant to do

When you get Ewar turret tracking debuff on you while doing missions? Especially in a battleship with large (Pulse) lasers, especially when 2 or 3 are Ewar track raping you at the same time?

This is in L4 epic storyline mission “Raging Sansha”

I even switched a rig to T2 tracking and 2 tracking computers with tracking scripts, while using “keep at range” at 10km to keep angular velocity to non existant and staying within turrets’ optimal range and i still can’t even hit a Cruiser.

So i’m warping in and out for those first few seconds worth of damage before they engage, while my drones tickle the Cruiser and warp back out before alllll the rest of the stuff gets me down to hull again.

6 Battleships, 7 Cruisers, 2 Battlecruisers and 1 Frigate while 1 - 3 Ewar tracking debuffs are alternating onto me.

I get the Cruiser to shields in like 2 hits then literally can’t land a single hit on it again.

Targeted a Battleship instead, bigger and easier to hit in theory - T2 tracking rig, 2 Tracking Computers and 2 Tracking Scripts and i landed maybe 1 in 7 hits, barely enough to get its shield down (so it was probably an armor tanker, since shields came off a little too easily)…

Upon looking at https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Raging_Sansha it turns out apparently the first room has 7, yes 7 Ewar turret tracking debuffers. Luckily i managed to kill like 3 of the frigates, insta popping before i could be engaged and debuffed…

Da fuq is this garbage…

Lost my brand new 200mil - 300mil Apocalypse over it (yeah yeah that’s nothing, i know) with 52mil in the bank. I also know “dont fly what you cant afford to lose” but i didnt see the above stupidity ever coming into the equation and i was kinda hoping it’d happen.

Done with this retardedness. Thanks for having me.

P.S It said only the Frigates and Cruisers Ewar tracking disrupted according to the above link, yet i was also being Eward by Battleships randomly.

Seems the mission coding is as jank as the character sheet and in general.

Thanks again.

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Drones to first kill tackle, then ewar while prioritising ewar targets with turrets. Keeping aligned so you can bail out. Some level 4 are nasty but doable.

Wouldn’t have worked when there were 7 Frigates/Cruisers using the Ewar as well as extra unrecorded Battleships, as well as a missioning newbros 4 weak medium drones killing even one let alone that many (even proper talented drones)

And of course prioritise the Ewars but i couldnt hit anything from the Ewar stacking. Keeping aligned would have helped a little, but being unable to move would have made me take even more damage than i was already taking from all that, even with a good fit, giving me even less time to kill something before having to warp off.

Level 4 was definitely doable, but not this specific case of shitty designed/balanced fight.

Snip. - ISD Fractal

I find it ironic that a character with the name of “IronScrotum” capitulates after only one failure. I guess all the metal went to scrotum instead of balls.

at 10km range webs/grappler are more effective than TCs.


Amarr Epic Arc right?
Paladin or one of the Amarr missile/drone options. Or load up on tracking enhancers and computers plus a web then MJD around. But may as well Paladin at that point.
It is a bit silly that normally the best ship to do the Amarr arc in is a Caldari missile ship, but there are some Amarr options.

Edit: The level 4 Epic arcs are harder than standard lvl 4 missions. Think of them as elite lvl 4.

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Good thing they are removing L4 missions from newbro alphas so this low hanging fruit won’t entice you to your demise. For that mission maybe warp in at range and snipe with sentries and ranged weapons or use missiles to negate the tracking disruption. Try again as Caldari it’s the real master race for easy mode dps.

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7 frigates/cruisers with old fashioned perma jam ecm didnt stop me from getting drones in to kill them while i was aligned way back when i was still missioning. Neither did perma damps restricting my lock range to 10km.

I wouldnt personally go in level 4 without t2 mediums and all support drone skills atleast level 3 including interfacing. Meaning 5 medium t2 drones and a backup flight of 5 t2 lights.

You should have used armageddon, it uses missiles and drones. For those small targets there are rapid heavy and rapid small missile launchers.

BTW Armageddon needs model redesign, it looks dated.

You should have used Armor hardeners mission specific, harden it double, large armor plate, and one repper. You would kill those pesky ships, and you would have time to do that.

Battleships are overrated, to big, to slow (takes to much dps)
Barghest and Rattlesnake are the ONLY reliable Battleships to do L4s and even they need great skills and expensive fit to do it good.

Of course this is just my opinion.

I use a Tengu now, before that i used a Caracal/Cerberus and a long time ago i used the Drake Battlecruiser with passive tank.

Missiles is easy mode and a shield tank usually warnes you in good time to warp out before BOOM :boom:

not on alpha, restrictions on missile support skills are very severe.

sound alerts/notifications are customizable through the ship’s hud menu

They are fine for Lvl4 missions although require a little bit different approach to flying and doing things compared to smaller hulls.

pretty much.

I would edit this and remove your account and password… good way to actually get the character banned from playing eve if ccp caught wind of this, or an isd.

Find someone who can loan you a lil bit of isk to help get another ship, and find someone who can run that with you to help deal with some of the tracking damage and has a good tank.

I would help myself but im not near amarr.

i know nothing about gunnery enough to give advice on, but i do question, is there a ammo type similar to EM for any kind of gunnery?? that could help with some of the damage he can give.

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Giving our opinion is about all we can do.

It’s all about play style and everything in EVE can be done in multiple ways and multiple ships, so you are absolutely right Ms.

I don’t know a lot about Alfa’s so you are probably right about that to :blush:
Don’t Alfa’s have different access to skills depending on race ???

I do wonder if people stop to think: “hmm - a lot of people have done this and they can’t have all been more clever than I am, I could probably figure out how to do it too”

Epic arcs are indeed a bit more difficult than a level4 mission but they are doable in beautiful Amarr ships.

Apocalypse is, imo, generally best armed with beam lasers for such situations as it gets a range bonus. Drone skills trained up more, consult evesurvival / a mirror of it, make a warp-in point, etc.

but I suppose it doesn’t matter now…hope you find enjoyment wherever you end up.

not anymore. They can cross-train factions and got access to pirate faction ships, given that drone skill allowance is very generous on alphas - gilas, VNIs and rattlesnakes are ever so popular. If anything, drones are easy mode, not missiles.

Ok thx for the info :+1:

You missed the epic arc part. Meaning all the frigates are elite frigates that melt drones in seconds. And the DPS in the site is massively higher.

Don’t use a battleship.

In case someone is reading this who actually wants some tips on what to do, rather than just quitting because they effectively nuked themselves:

On the first poke into something new, especially when you are doing something known to be a bit harder because it’s labelled “Epic Arc”:

  • Poke your head in first and see what’s around. Unless I am confident of the content, I usually do this while geared to both extra tanking and extra 'WTFO" (Warp the F* Out) capability.

  • Google it and see what others have done (unless you like the challenge of doing it yourself).

  • After looking around, googling, and deciding what the difficulty will be, fit to counter the problems you will be facing.

  • Don’t try to pound a nail in with a screwdriver, just because your newest toy is a shiny new Battle-Screwdriver. Use the right tool for the job.

It sounds like the OP got a battleship, assumed he was invincible, flew into an Epic mission without taking precautions, from the not-very-coherent description it sounds like he even warped out and then went back again still with the wrong tool, flying what he couldn’t afford to replace, facing what he wasn’t fit to fight.

So basically, broke all the rules of EVE, then came to forums to cry because EVE smacked him around.


Only one question left: Can I have your stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:


Too late, he posted his account details already and they were moderated out some time after.

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