Mission Pocket complete by someone else

Hi all,

A lots of people farm some missions whole week so, Is there a chance, that after sucessful combat scan a ship in his mission complex, we can complete this mission after mission owner fly away ?

Or noone else can complete someone else mission ?


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If you complete a mission after the owner flys away the owner can turn it in and get the agent reward. You of course would just get the bounties and loot in the mission.

The only time the owner wouldn’t be able to turn in is if the mission gave an item that has to be given to the agent. As the owner didn’t have the item they couldn’t turn it in. As you aren’t the mission owner you can’t turn it in either. You could put up some such items on the market or contract for an inflated price to the mission owner as maybe they would pay rather than take the potential standings hit themselves for failure.

You can take advantage of this if you have non combat alts with standing. The alt gets the mission, the combat toon clears it, then the alt turns it in for reward.


Thank You !


Couldn’t have given you a better answer than what @Algathas has given.

though I will say if you were around me, id have been more than happy to let you get in on action of running missions since when i do them i tend to blitz them.

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