Question regards missions

I have 2 accounts and use 1 character on each account to run level 4 missions, that part is straightforward.

I was thinking of having the other characters on the accounts get the standings to pull level 4 missions, but get my main 2 characters to run them, is that possible?

Account 1 has Player 1 and player 2

Account 2 has player A

Currently Player 1 and A run the missions and gain the rewards. Could I (assuming players 2 has standings) pull the missions with player 2, log him off, run the missions with player 1 and A, once the missions are done log player B back on and claim the rewards?

I think/hope that makes sense.

No. You’ll have to have player 2 in order for the fleet and mission to be open. If you log out player two, the mission cannot be ran without him.

The owner of the mission has to be present.

Unless you are talking about having player two and A warping to area, then logging out two and logging in one.

Then having one and A in fleet and warping and running mission (and if there is a mission item), have A direct trade it to two when you log him back in to turn in mission.

That sounds plausible but such a headache.
Why not just go to and have someone raise the standings for B?

Where did B come from?

Having 1 and A together or 2 and A together makes sense. But pulling with 2 and running with 1 and A then contract or trade back to 2 or B just sounds like a heads headache

it’s in NPC Null so no standing services, but it isnt those I need

Essentially ive 2 accounts, 3 charcters each, only 2 characters (1 on each account) has any combat capability (I use Ishtars so training those characters into combat ships is a no go.

However, this is not about the standings, I can get the standings, but once I have those standings I want to be able to do get the missions from the agents, so get the missions, warp to the respective mission locations, bookmark them. dock then log off, then log in the 2 pilot that can run combat ships and run them.

Once the sites are cleared log the character in again to claim the standigs and rewards etc


not that much of a headache, but ill test the theory myself on a level 3 mission, im close to that standing

USIA does standings for every corp in the game that has mission agents. If it is possible to get missions from the corp, USIA will grind the standings for you. It just might be more expensive if all agents for the corp are in null, like with pirate corps.

Also: make sure you get your social skills up - saves a ton of effort grinding standings.

Social skills at 5 and ive the Glam boosters too, but the standing isnt the issue, my idea here was so i could eventually pull multiple missions from all my toons, but just run them with the 2 that can do them

Ah, that’s context that was missing from the OP. Yeah, you aren’t really going to save yourself any time having to log in and out vs just going back to the agent with your combat pilots, unless you get lucky and have all the missions in the same system.

generally the missions I pull or no further than 1 jump away, however NPC Null agents give lot of faction missions so this was my idea of trying to mitigate those

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