Missions running with fleet, standing gain

If I want to run missions with another player, is it possible? Do we just fleet up and do the missions together? What happens to the loot, how is it split?

And most importantly, what about standing gain?

Loot comes from looting wrecks, so splitting that is completely up to you.

When turning in a mission, it gives you the option of taking the standings for yourself, or splitting with your fleet.

To do the missions, whoever has the mission will have to either fleet warp the fleet to the mission gate, or warp there first and have the other person warp to them.


Up to 10 fleet members share mission rewards, LP and standings, if the one pulling missions chooses to. Fleet members in vincinity of the fight, get shares of the bounties from npcs.

Any more than 10 fleet members, then it randomizes who receives the reward.

Keep in mind, some missions may require the fleet to use keys, ir you can jump within 10 seconds of main jumping


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