Can alts increase mission income somehow, and what is 'pulling'?

I have occasionally seen, on what I consider “advanced” threads on missions and blitzing, the term ‘pulling’, and mentions of alts.

I am guessing pulling means the process of requesting and declining missions until you get the ones you want? Could someone walk me through how it’s possible to use alts to increase hourly mission income? Is multi-boxing required? (This is not an option for me unfortunately.)

I’ve used Anize’s guide and lots of good fitting advice from @Chainsaw_Plankton (and that crowd); I feel like I’ve pretty much maxed out my L4 mission income. (It’s nothing to sneeze at.)

Always looking for interesting ideas to tweak and increase this number. :slight_smile:

If you aren’t able to multibox the ALT won’t be able to assist with the mission itself but the second and third characters on your account can be used to earn passive income - PI research, copying blueprints, etc… while your main runs missions.

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Yes ‘pulling’ in this context means to use Alts to request/decline missions until you get the ones you want. As i understand it, you need the Faction standings on the alt/s up nice and high so if corp standings drops to low (from declining) you can still pull new missions.

I thought they were mostly used when running L5s in a carrier (carrier pilot runs missions, alts get missions), but I guess now with Burner missions being profitable they’re probably used for those too.


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If you ever can multibox a few accounts you can also go with the lazy almost afk missions. Setup 3 auto target missile ships warp to mission and fire away.

if you follow the eve bible, aka the survival guide, it explains how to blitz the missions, meaning take something faster than you normally would, kill or warp to target, back out and end the mission… its a faster way to earn more isk per hour than say doing 3 hours running a gurista or angel extrav.

Basically, there are about 20-30 level 5 missions, half of which have gates and half of which don’t. Level 5s are kind of crazy in terms of enemy DPS and neuts so some people figured out that you can use a carrier to do the non-gated missions and it completely trivializes them. The problem is with one toon you run out of non-gated missions, so the solution is to have an alt on a separate account that has above 7.0 faction standing so he can pull missions for you. Your main must also have 7.0 faction standing.

So you get both of them in a fleet together and they share mission rewards. The reason you want faction standing and not corp or agent standing is that when you decline a mission you only take a .01 hit to your faction standing, while you take a much larger hit to corporation and agent standing. This is all predicated on good social skills, primarily Diplomacy and Connections. With these two skills and two pullers, one being your main and one being your alt, you can basically run level 5s ad nauseam. You can decline until you have -2.0 corp or agent standing, and your faction standing will be unmarred.

Level 5s also pay really well, but do so in bulk LP so cashing in is a royal pain in the ass which takes a few hours. Granted most only do it once every few weeks or a month. You can easily make more than enough isk to plex the second account though so having a faction puller isn’t difficult or costly when you have the carriers to grind l5s with.

Lastly I just want to mention that all of this is made moot by the new Glamourex boosters. Particularly the Glamourex 75. It basically makes it so you can decline missions with no standing hit and run level 5s or whatever else with one character, declining to your hearts content. So… if you want to increase your income doing level 4s try the Glamourex boosters, and then maybe consider doing your missions in low or npc null and cherry picking the easiest missions and best paying burners. Also consider getting your faction standing up so you can decline more.

Oh… I know all about it. :wink: But thanks for mentioning it just in case.

What I’m not understanding about advice from several folks is this:

If one character is not enough to keep standings up, why would a second character help - wouldn’t they eventually have their standings drained too?

All of my social skills are at V. When I do level 4’s, I blitz. I accept only a very limited number (burners plus two standard ones - I’m picky), and that’s enough to keep my standing anywhere between 3.5-ish and -1.5ish.

If I fleet my main and alt (which I don’t think is possible if I can’t multi-box, right?), do they BOTH get a standings increase of X for the mission, or is it only X/2 since it’s two chars?

The standing is split in two but each character has their own Connections and Diplomacy skills which alter each character’s effective standing separately.

It’s harder to do with level 5s, the mission pool is smaller.

They have to be on separate accounts.

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