Things to do with an alt? (mostly hi-sec)

I have 11M SP alt with maxed out “magic 14” skills, datacore farming (old character from times when it was profitable), caldari cruiser V (for some reason) and 600k in gunnery skills.

I’m trying to find some use for this alt, to assist my main which is mostly hi-sec PvE oriented (missions, incursions). Here’s what I have considered so far:

  • second combat character (before I quit few years ago, I started training double Nightmare but it was too intensive to dual-box, so it would have to be semi-afk FOF/drone setup). Training same skills on second character doesn’t sound interesting though.
  • salvaging alt (missions) - it’s slow and semi manageable on dual-box, but not sure if it’s worth anymore?
  • logistic ships to fill incursion slots (would be no use in missions though)
  • blockade runners and cov ops stuff to transport my stuff around + something?
  • scanning/exploration - it could go nicely with some other skill-sets above(?)
  • on-grid boosters are gone from what I heard?
  • mining is out of question!

Any suggestions? Been away from the game for many years, so my knowledge about the current game state is limited.

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It depends a fair bit on what your goal for the character is. Dual-boxing in missions? Generating ISK? A different type of activity to switch to when you don’t feel like doing your primary’s activity?

Some logistic skills could work in some types of missions, and you should be aware that a fair bit of ‘newer’ content is not as semi-AFK friendly for drones (drones are getting targetted more and dropped faster). You could lean the account towards logistics and a weapon type different from main (lasers may not be ‘best’ damage for instance but without ammo/reload needs can be more low-management), and then use a logi setup in incursions and a combo DPS/main ship support role in missions or events.

Could go for a PI/manufacturing setup to generate ISK and stuff for your main. That might combo well with the explore/scanner idea. Run PI and fill the time between hauls with exploration.

Could go for a small ship hunter/PvP character, maybe FW or lowsec roams. Or get the char focused on specific builds for running combat anomalies in WHs for something a bit livelier to do than hi-sec PvP.


Good for you!

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Buy skill extractors and dump all the SP into your main, except for the planet skills, then use it as a PI income source and/or a placeholder for stuff like mining EC’s and event sites.

Alts are too much like work. I tried one for a while, and when I got sick of dealing with it and simplified my life to concentrate on my main, I was much happier playing this game. Much more satisfying to do everything solo, and my character is a PvE beast since I am not splitting my time between alts.

That’s just me.


Any form of hi-sec activity, generating ISK directly or progressing in other forms, preferably something that requires both accounts to be online.

I know this is probably best advice but… I really want an alt. I usually get bored with just one character.

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