What alts should I create with my multiple character training?

Hello everyone.

I recently bought the star pack when it was 50% off and I was curious about what to do with the two multiple character training passes that came with it.

My main lives in a wh and flies amarr recons, drone boats, and exploration vessels well. My main also has transport ships IV and well-skilled dst and br fits.

I am looking to get some idea of some useful alts to have that would support my wh pvp endeavours.

Scanning alt? Industry/PI alt?

I’m open to any suggestions that could be reasonably completed in about 30 days.


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30 days Omega, that is about 1,7m Skillpoints - not too much. Some scanning might work.

I don’t think there’s much useful you can develop in 30 days, so I’d use both MCT passes on one character. I think the most useful alt is one dedicated to transport and station trading. That way, you’ve always got something to fall back on in the event your main is ever in a wardec’d corp. He can efficiently buy and sell at market hubs and run goods to wherever you are regardless of a wardec.

The other alt that I’ve invested training into is dedicated to industry. That way, he can just hang out at an indy facility, making it easy to log in and update build orders periodically.

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In 30 days you can make a solid PI alt, Scanning (but not hacking/arch), decent trade, decent research, and decent reactions.

All of which can be considered things you can do alongside your main.

You could also drop a couple of those ancillary activities and do procurer mining instead.

Never not have a cyno alt.

guy dosent know what to do with mct ,
you really think hed have use for, or even know what a cyno alt is?

op, generally speaking alts are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more useful on a second account.

a cloaky prober probably being the most immediately useful
as you can then use it to scout for your main and basically never get caught out by gate camps again

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I would create a PvP alt a mining/exploration alt and a PvE Alt.

Concentrate different skills for each main skill such as your PvP alt trained in missiles and hybrids while sub training it for PvE or exploration.

The second and third characters on an account will generally be used for passive income generation. Things that can be trained quickly with a single month of MCT include PI and research/copying. PI is an easy way to generate a few hundred million ISK/month for a couple hours work - there aren’t many activities that offer better ISK/hour of playtime. Blueprint copying requires a substantial initial investment but, once you’ve recovered the cost of the BPOs, it can generate a lot of ISK with little effort.

I just repeated what others told me but here what i gathered :

Alts on your main :

  • Trader : allows station trading or just selling your loot
  • Hauler : useful if your corp is at war
  • PI : semi-passive income
  • Industry/research : stay in a industry facility, log in, update job, log out

Alts on another account :

  • Cyno alt
  • Scout
  • PVE / Incursion ( if you want to be able to use it at the same time as your main)
  • Mining

As far as i understand, the logic is :

  • put alts on the same account for specific activities not requiring you log in with your main at the same time,
  • create alts on another account if you want to use it in combos with your main : scout/hauler, dual boxing for pve or pvp, using your main while mining on another account semi-afk etc.

Furthermore, it seems alts on a same account are limited by your available training certificates whereas another account is autonomous in its training. So SP hungry professions are maybe better on another account for an extensive training.


make 2 PI alts … maybe finish them with a pack of MCT in future but its a nice income … on you main account you should only have passive alts

a cyno alt is a nice to have IF you have capitals or jump frighters BUT not on the same account as your capital/jump frighter pilot is … you need a 2nd account for it …

if you make a cyno for a corp friend you can use your main … no need for a alt …

so i have a main and 2 pi alts on my account … they are online for a few mins only … my main has the skillqueue …

make Galente PI alts … and dont forget to skill for the epithal :wink:

its good isk … dont think about it …

and yes i think @Strepan_Dorsett is absolute right!!


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