What should I train on this alt?

I have one main cap/subcap account with only 1 character. Pure fighting bliss in skills.

I have a second industry account, with only 1 character. 25m skill points and learning to skill up to make my own tech.

My 3rd account has 1 character for mining and most reprocessing skill are 4 and a few are 5. He can fly all mining ships and has no capital skills or hauling skills. Here is the character

Celestial Rider Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

What do you suggest I do with him now that his mining skills are good enough?

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Might be a good idea to max out all his skills first, then look into training up for something else.

I’d suggest to create 2nd and 3rd characters on the 2nd and 3rd account first. Train them just a few basic skills so they can fly a fast frigate, use core scanner probes and probably cloak up. Keep them completely separated from your main chars. No killmails together, not in the same corp etc. pp… If you play the game for longer it is invaluable to have alt-chars that no one knows they are related to you. Use them in times of need to scout, sit in a WH to as emergency exit scanner, check remote markets (and instantly buy good orders for your mains), or haul stuff for your mains anonymiously. That does not take much time/SP and in the meantime you can decide what the goals for your main chars should be next.

For the char you linked, probably maxing the Ore Processing Skills (and other resource-related skills) are a good choice, give im reprocessing-implants and use him at a rigged-refinery to get the most out of your mined/purchased resources.

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Well if your main can fly caps it’s probably worth it to have at least one or two alts that can light cynos.

Here’s how my character slots are usually distributed on my various accounts. This is what I’m working towards, some accounts are all done, others a work in progress.

1: Combat Pilot. Might be full capital, might be only subcap, often a mix.
2: Krabbing alt. Mining skills, pve ships, haulers, etc. Most can fly an interdictor and a recon for use as a cyno alt.
3: prober/scout alt. Extra useful if they can fly a blockade runner. I find i can never have enough prober alts.

Some have specific main uses. My Jita alt is also a prober for example.

Most of my characters can do PI (a relic of days past when I did more PI than could be considered sane) and most can run reactions.

So instead of thinking of it as " this is my combat account, this is my mining account" think of how to maximise your use of those accounts.

Yes, it can be a lot of training time. It’s taken me a while to get my krab’krew specced out. A few MCT certificates have helped a lot.

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Hey Celestial Rider,

It seems you’ve got a good grasp of the current meta in EVE, which leans heavily towards specialized alts for optimal efficiency. You’ve tailored each account to excel in its domain, which is precisely the direction most seasoned players are taking.

Considering your well-rounded setup, here are some suggestions tailored to the current meta:

  1. Multiboxed Operations: Run multiple toons that can work as your own private PvP/PvE/mining fleet. Alternatively, with a combat-centric main and supporting industry and mining alts, you can effectively run operations where all three characters play their part. This could be your main safeguarding your mining and industry operations or leading a fleet.
  2. Expand into Planetary Interaction (PI): Your miner, with its substantial skills, can start setting up PI on various planets. With multiple characters engaged in PI, you’ll optimize your income flow and diversify your resource pool.
  3. Reactions and Specializations: Since you have an industry character, diving into specialized reactions can be a lucrative venture. Your mining character can supply raw materials, ensuring better profit margins.
  4. Diversify within Specializations: While specialization is the meta, there’s room within those specializations. Your industry-focused character could delve into different blueprint sets, and your mining character might explore gas harvesting or ice mining.
  5. Consider Logistics: Even though your mining character isn’t trained in hauling, there’s value in having your own logistical network. Training a bit into this would offer flexibility, especially for large-scale operations. You might want to be able to keep your miner on grid while a different toon hauls ore back to base.
  6. Stay Updated with the Meta: The beauty of EVE is its ever-changing nature. Regularly review the meta and adjust your characters accordingly, ensuring they remain optimized for their roles.

Your approach, focusing on specialized characters, aligns perfectly with the current game dynamics. It’s all about finding those niches within your chosen specializations and capitalizing on them. Keep doing what you’re doing, and best of luck in your ventures across New Eden!

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