Alt toon for eyes/support?

I was thinking of having an alt as this game provides that opportunity. I can see it being handy in missions and mining.

Have fun with that.

Perhaps I was leaving out some other activities?

Alts for intel, scouting, market, and hauling among other things can be very useful in this game.

They can also be nice as secondary pvp alts if you keep training them.

Bear in mind that, if you want your Alt and Main logged in at the same time, they must be on separate Omega accounts.

Mining, yes. Mission, i suppose.

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I certainly hope it will increase my veldspar yield one day.

Only mining in a dreadnought will increase your veldspar yield.

That complicates matters, how much are they? The 1.5% cashback and 2% on flights is worth the $495/yr charge for some.


Just one? if you’re gonna cheat metagame, why not go ham and get, I dunno, 5 or 6 alts or . . . 20? You want to win; don’t you?

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I find 2 active characters to be a limit, anything beyond I prefer passive. A mining boost character bingo!


You , sir has the troll decease .:rofl:

When you recycle stuff, what do you get? (tritaium anyways)


Maybe I’ll just play fallout 4 on my uwhd, finally figured my resolution issue out.

That leaves me 3 monitors. Ho-hum, I like to challenge myself multitasking. Don’t you? M8?

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