What to do with alts

I currently live in a c4 that has a c3 static. I run a two alts with a prax and run dual RML shield prax’s for c3’s on fort frontier strongholds. I recently upgraded to 5 alts and so far i have just been gas mining however i think there is something better i can be using these alts for (i already run c4 sites in a marauder). 5 praxis farming c3’s would be fantastic however mirco becomes an issue allong with making the hole destab (spider myrms and dommies give less dps and a greater cost).
So my question is… what the hell do i do with all these alts, do i just send them down to nullsec to grind sites in vexors?

I only use alts for one purpose, to scout systems before I jump in.

Eventually the gankers and pampers campers begin to recognise alts that always seem to be around just before I appear on the scene, so I biomass them and make new ones.

They don’t get skill trained at all.

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I find I can never have enough max skilled prober alts.
I have eight pilots trained (including my main and some of my combat alts) with another two on the boil.
They are especially useful if you live in J-Space.
If they can also fly a DST and do some other useful activity (PI?) then they’re extremely handy to have.

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Honestly having that scout/hauler alt is a very decent reason to plex a second account.

Some people mine with alts

Some do PVE. (Incursions, Abyss, missions, DED)

Some do PVP with them.

Some people haul with alts.

Some people use alts for boosting in all kinds of fleets.

The problem with plexing the alt in my case is that they’re disposable, as my enemies learn their names and this renders them useless and fit for the bin. I would be reluctant to biomass an alt i had committed to in any meaningful way, such as omega’ing it.

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botters get banned. Don’t do that.

The WH recommendation for 5 accounts is as follows:

2-3 alts to sit on Wh connections (audio up high) so that you can hear when somebody jumps into your hole.
2-3 alts in combat ships running sites. aka, all the rest once the holes are covered.

and then you have 10-13 PI alts across the 5 accounts to deliver PI to your mains with. I strongly recommend some easy P2 set ups on at least 10 of them, and the main pilots (1-3) doing some P3/P4 where your PI alts are delivering all their PI.

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Put them in HS starter systems and spam your recruiter referral link?

if you not have any skilling running on the same eve account i’d skill them, so you can sell them on the character bazar for some sweet ISK :wink:

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