Mechanics of Factional Pullers?

Recently I’ve heard somebody talking about using a factional puller to pull missions so that they can only run non-Guristas anomic agents, anomic teams plus maybe Recon 1 and Scarlet. I also remembered people suggesting using factional pullers for cherrypicking lv5 missions.
OK, my question is why would another factional puller would be useful at all? Pulling missions with 1 toon, 2 toons, 3 toons or more doesn’t change the ratio of target missions / total missions, so the total ratio of standing gains and loss will remain the same.
Except when you have enough toons to pull missions and keep your combat character busy for 4 hours with a single pull, but I think that would require hundreds of pullers and the puller only need enough standings for the agent.

for highsec lv4s you can just maintain and run on the character so it shouldn’t matter too much, though it’s nice having a backup incase you do end up going below -2.

for nullsec having multiple pullers is nice to stack up as many good missions as possible. Stack up a bunch of good missions go run them, and repeat. Or if you are contracting them out more pullers = more money.

for lv5s it’s easy to burn out your standing so more pullers gives you more chances to pull the good ones.

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Faction pullers have 1 problem, agent standing.

If you have a bad streak, your agent standing could end up below - 2 and he will never talk to you again. With a second puller you can fix that, but thats more of a lvl 5 mission problem.

so additional factional pullers is just like a back up? Because if you’re only accepting a very small portion of missions, all the pullers will burn out eventually.

One of the issues with being a faction puller, is the fact that CCP has the mechanic to share faction standings so bad, that only Arcs or COSMOS are the only really good ways to share faction standings.

Where as corps, can share standings during any mission.

This is why the USIA, doesn’t do faction standing requests, its nigh impossible to do. But we open up ways for pilots to raise their own standings, via Storyline missions or the Arcs.

But if you are also ever in the spot where an agent is under the -2 Deathline™ then you can always hire us to help raise the standing with the agent and corp back up.

raising factional standing for a single faction isn’t that difficult, and you only need to do that once.

that depends on the situation. In the case of broker/relist fees, you need perfect Faction/corp standing to get the lowest possible percentage for broker relist.
Diamond rats, you need either 2.0 or 5.0 to either get them to stop attacking you, or helping you.

While granted when you decline a mission or whatever, you take a very minimal loss faction wise, -0.001.

How would you ever get to a -2 agent standing? Failing missions?

basically, either declining or failing a mission.

You decline missions that take too long, to run more faster missions.

If your agentstanding is high, you are running too many slow missions.

How would you fix that for somebody?

sharing corp standings and agent standings, we’d run missions under that particular agent for the client

You can share agentstanding. So the share a mission from the agent you wanna fix.

I thought mission runners did it because they enjoyed the process. What is the rush?

Some of us do like it, but as far as USIA goes, time = money, so for us we do skip some missions if they take too long to make more money. But others we prefer a more passive approach

easy, more money! the standings system is a joke and can be used to make way more isk.

It is funny how people go to work and complain about having to work for money, only to use their leisure time to grind for space-isk.

“Dude, I gotta finish another 3 hours of level 4’s or I’m not gonna make my monthly ISK-nut.”

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Can someone help with what I’m missing here? My faction standings are 5.28, corp 5.79, agent 2.89 and I just got locked out of the L4 agent for low standings after declining the last mission.

Faction without skill bonus is below 5 (not sure if that matters), but corp isn’t. Shouldn’t I still be able to pull L4 missions here? What am I missing?

If 1 of those standings is above 5 and non of them is - 2, then you should be able to get L4s.

Are you an Alpha clone? Cause those cant pull l4s anymore

woe is me for skipping massive attack for more burners