Synchronized fleet warp?

Get this: why can’t there be another fleet warp option that synchronizes bigger and smaller ship warp speeds so they all arrive at the point at roughly the same time? Whenever I fly a frigate and other fleet members are cruisers and such, I literally come 5-10 seconds early and get busted by whatever is on the other side. This way all smaller ships would wait until bigger ones warp, calculated by all factors. If you are not running away, this would be a perfect way of fleet warp. Maybe call them ‘Retreat Fleet Warp’ and ‘Engage Fleet Warp’?

At first you need to understand more about mechanics… the warpspeed is synchonized and the lowest warpspeed got spread ober your fleet !

You mean aligntime and you can sync them aswelll… just aligb before you wsrp and all ships warp in the same warp bubble …


Aren’t there literally two skills that cater for exactly this?

this is already A Thing™
if the fleet all aligns before the warp, exactly this happens.

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Just to emphasise the above.

This already happend if everyone is already aligned to the destination.

This is why FCs normally instruct “align to (wherever)” then wait for the slowest aligning ship to complete the manoeuvre before initiating a fleet warp.

Of course, that does involve people in the fleet paying attention to the FC.


They already do. As long as the entire fleet is aligned, the fleet will warp together. That is why a good FC will tell everyone to align, and indeed ‘Align to XYZ’ should appear in the fleet Broadcast.

As for ‘getting busted by whatever is on the other side’…why are you going through the gate before the rest of the fleet ? Does your FC not do a ‘warp to’ this side of the gate first, and have the whole fleet go through in one go ? And you should not jump the gate until the FC says so. Also, why does your fleet have no scout checking what is on the other side ?

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