Do ships align too fast?

Seriously? Are align times for most ships too quick?

No they aren’t.


Many frigates have less than 1s breathing space to target another frigate before it can warp. That would be the dictionary definition of too fast

You talking interecptors? Only 4 of the 8 interceptors can align in less than 2 seconds.

The hecate and jackdaw are very large frigates.

Which ones do you have in mind?

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t1 frigs have 750ish scan res,

avg align time is about 4.5s, meaning they get 1 tick head start, you cannot lock another frig that wants to leave unless you sebo, they don’t even have to use istabs or nanos you wont be able to lock most other same size ships in time to stop warp

Hmm the only place that would matter would be lowsec or w-space.

In dullsec you will stop them in a bubble and a gate camp usually has no trouble catching those.

Ships warp too slow.
Stargates are useless.
Bigger ship has weaker targeting system than smaller ships - CCP logic.
And after that and 999999999 other things like that you whine about align speed?

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Even when pre-align and pre-initiate warp, I always feel like my ship enters warp like a slug when I steal stuff and become suspect, even though it usually takes less than 0.5 seconds this way. :wink:

I’m going with “Nope” for $400 Alex.

Ship warp speed is subject to personal opinion, but also related to balance. Bigger ships target slower than smaller ships because you’re meant to have a mixed fleet, it isn’t just that battleships have worse scan res, its that smaller ships have smaller sigR meaning they natively are targeted slower by everyone. Call it a feature of being small that you should be hard to target and hit. Also the scan res of ships varies wildly across hulls. Hyperion has 50% more scan res than rokh, why? Rokh is a fleet level vessel, hyperion is solo or small gang. They serve different functions. In both cases though rokh and hyperion would be able to target each other before a warp is possible, with breathing room to spare.

This trend will become more murky the smaller you get, until such a time as you reach t1 frigates etc where its not unreasonable to say, simply, that combat is entirely optional, unless your enemy fits a sebo you simply will never get locked in time.

and thats one benefit of flying a t1 frig compared to the huge number of drawbacks
its a low risk ship to fly thats the meta of the class

ummm why can you not do this in W-space?

well… also because gallant have second highest scan res and caldari has the worst

… its almost like CCP realized this waaaaaay back in the early murky waters of development and berthed into existence the sebo as a way of balance. Now you could counter gate camps by being in something small and fast and that in turn could be countered by a sebo.

Wtf is the point of needing a sebo to catch ships with no istab or nano? You want to talk about counterplay then start with requiring nano first then talk about sebo

… but i mean you don’t actually need a sebo to grab them in like 90% of eve. only in HS and LS where ships are supposed to be slightly safer.

also what ship is it exactly that aligns in under 2.8 seconds (counting the tick given to them as there are frigs that lock in 1.8 w/o sebos)

Lugh, read it one more time. I never said you can’t catch a frigates in w-space. You can use bubbles and dictors in w-space.

I said it would matter in w-space when you enter one in a frigate because you mass puts you close enough that you can get out again.

some slower locking frigates can’t catch some faster warping frigates .
some faster locking frigates can catch some slower warping frigates .

you make it sound like it’s impossible , but it’s not . it’s situational , like much of eve …

[Malediction, dank ticks]
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Medium F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
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With my skills I get it to 1.7 not including boosters and implants. But this is a travel ceptor, not sure if it helps anyones argument.

well you just bubble both sides lol

no he said without align mods

Lugh, when you enter from highsec or lowsec you can’t bubble those.