Cruiser vs Frigate

I don’t hunt - however, I do like doing industry/PvE in dangerous space. My preferred ships are T2 mining frigates. MOST hunters in my region are flying strategic cruisers.

My specific question: if I’m mining in my frigate, and a T3 cruiser de-cloaks right next to me, can I warp out before getting locked and scrammed.

A more general question that I could have asked: How safe am I in a frigate vs Cruiser sized hunters?

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To that specific question, if you are on the ball you should be able to get away. One negative to a covert ops cloak is that it has a re-calibration time, which extends the time to lock a target. So if someone decloaks on grid with you, a frigate sized ship should be able to warp off before a T3C can get a lock.

That being said, and keep in mind I am bad at PVP, but back in the day (Just came off a 3 year hiatus) I liked to hunt in wormholes with a cloaky T3. Ventures were annoyingly hard to catch. Impossible if you got on grid and decloaked. So typically I would figure out a warpin, then do a short warp. I’d try to time the decloak so that the re-calibration timer was done as I landed and I could lock immediately. The hope being that they would have not done a dscan while I was in warp. It worked sometimes.

So if you are mining in LS for example, if someone enters local I would make sure to stay on dscan. Mine away from the warp in point, and things like that.


Thanks for the feedback. I kind of went “all-in” on frigates. I’m really hoping my choice of ship size will help keep me “safer” out in low/null.

Also worth considering orbiting the rock you mine or dropping a jetcan and orbiting it while you huff a gas cloud because if you are just sitting still they might bump you before decloaking and by doing so can cause you to drift in space prolonging your align time long enough that they can lock you and land a scram, although keep that in mind that if you orbit it usually takes longer to align and warp out unless you are lucky that you just pass towards your warp out point the moment you initiate the warp, also depends a lot how fast your ship aligns because if it does it fast anyway there might not be much of a difference just don’t use an MWD or afterburner, so it is not a guaranteed best choice but something to consider and might experiment with if you usually just stand still and you get caught that way too often.

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check your align/warp time in the simulation window in-game (pay attention to have prop mod off) and check the recalibration timer for cloaky ships.
and be also aware that some hunters will decloak while wraping to you, to be ready to lock you when they land, but then they can be seen on dscan and on overview before landing

Thanks, my align time is about 5.8 seconds.

But what I don’t know is if it takes a cruiser longer than that to target a frigate.

So just out of curiosity I took my covert Loki and warped cloaked to a random anom. I decloaked and saw how long it took to lock up a frigate rat. It certainly wasn’t scientific but it took on average to the count of 12 to get a lock.


This is probably the exact answer I needed, so thank you. I realize that skills/fittings could affect this number- but it helps to have a general idea.

And of course, d-scan will be helpful as well, since not everyone de-cloaks on grid.

Not a problem. My core and Loki skills are all 5. Funny aside, I recall seeing you a week or so ago. I had actually flown out to your area in my Loki to do some quiet exploring for a change of pace. Small world.

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