2 seconds ships

what ships can do 2 seconds warp?

(extended questions - what ships can do 2 seconds warp for alpha account?)

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Most t1/t2 frigates, most t3d’s, some t1/t2 destroyers, yachts, some pirate cruisers
Assuming you put inertial stabs for the lows

Hecate is instawarp by default, and can get sub 1s align with inertial stabs which is really good for lowsec travel

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Most t1/t2 frigates,

well most of your answer is wrong, why do you spend your time…

for low sec travel i use sunesis
it is “under 2 sec”, can stand smart bomb, and has big cargo.

heron and magnate are “almoust 2 sec” but not

Excuse me? Just because your fitting windows doesn’t show sub 2s doesn’t mean most frigates can’t have sub 2s align time.

EVERY single frigate can be fit for sub 2s align time with a set of mid grade nomads + T2 inertial stabilizers.

MOST frigates can be fit for sub 2s align time with T2 inertial stabilizers.
The only exceptions seem to be frigates with massive cargoholds such as explo and ewar (t1 and t2) frigates, assault frigs, and stealth bombers.

The reason you can’t get sub 2s in your fitting is because of a skill issue


being immediately agressive toward the guy who gives you an answer is a weird way to get help…


With scan bonuses - Astero, Metamorfosis, Sunesis. Without - Garmur, Daredevil, Dramiel, Comet, Slicer.

With Omega - most frigs, depend on skills, imps, boosters.

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sorry im drunk it is the minatar frigite


You might get caught if you have like ~1.50 second alight time.
Only less than 1 second you can avoid this.

EVE operates on a 1hz server tick.

1.1s and 1.9s are functionally identical.


An alpha pilot with nomads, a true history.

The most common for alpha accounts its the Atron and the sunesis. With the skill evasive maneuvering lv3.

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My favorite 2s ship is my Astero. I use it to hack in NULL as an Alpha player. I can make close to 200M ISK/Hr.

I have videos with hacking tips for new players.

See my YouTube channel: Alpha Bob



That’s not really true.
The Eve simulation handles client updates on a 1hz tick. Movements are also only handled at that rate : so you start accelerating at the end of a tick, and you enter warp at the end of a tick. But anything that happens in-between can be handled in-between, especially people can start locking you in the middle of a tick (and finish locking you at the end of same tick) or apply a point on you in the middle of the next tick.

you exactly quote his statement, called it wrong and wrote his statement in your words oO
and he´s right … everything between 1.1 and 1.9 is the same for warp acceleration !

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No. I corrected his statement.
If you don’t realize the difference, that’s on you, not on me.

HI Alpha Bob, I don’t play that much or get on the forums but I learned a lot from your videos, great work, I see your channel has got quite a few subs now, well deserved, I’ve just started to play again so eh, I love exploration, you get to see lots of random stuff and see how the game works more…have a great Christmas!

Capa Uno

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