Fast Travel - high sec - small transport

Looking fit for ship to fast travel between station, don’t need big cargo, sometime some module transport for ship or ammo. Nothing expensive in cargo, just missile, ammo or some fit for ship.

Got Condor… it’s cheap but need fit for him to travel fast from gate to station… or maybe somthing else with fast align and warp entering?

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Not the cheapest but a quite useful versatile option is the Sunesis…

I think the Slasher can be fit for sub 2 sec align too but has not much cargo space or you can fit an exploration frigate which will not align sub 2 sec but has 400 m3 native cargo capacity and which being T1 frigates are pretty cheap.


The Sunesis is basically perfect for this, as Uriel_the_Flame pointed out, can have over 1000m3 of cargo and sub 2 sec align, cheap for anyone with more than a weeks playtime and takes no skills to fly, so even a station trader can get in one easily.

Th Atron will also easily go sub-2 second align, is dirt cheap and is a frigate, so will not only be trivial to skill into, but can also fit into a battleships escape bay, so you’ve always got a taxi present if you need to go a bunch of jumps and back. Fairly sure all combat frigs bar the Caldari one go under 2 seconds pretty easily, so pick your favourite and go nuts.

The Hecate gets a special mention for being able to go sub-2 with a full combat loadout just by switching to propulsion mode, though IIRC, any of the T3D’s get there with even a small amount of effort. Only the hecate can get sub 1 sec align though, so if that’s your jam, it can be done. Bit more training than most other options and more than double the price of the sunesis hull.

The humble shuttle will also get the job done as long as you don’t mind being made out of paper and only having 10m3 cargo. Bubble immune too without having to wait on the interdictor recharging, so if you don’t mind the tradeoff of being vulnerable to smartbombs, it’s a solid option for null travel.

The various interceptors make good taxis, but the Ares is my go to. Can be bubble immune with a module, but has a cooldown, which can be annoying (though not as annoying as dying to a sabre and friends on a gate).

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If you’re willing to invest a bit more, the Astero has fast align, covert cloak and a decent cargo hold. Blockade runners are fast, can fit a covert cloak and haul a respectable amount of cargo.

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I have a blockade runner for running to and from my industry sites and Jita. A little pricier, but safer since it is a little more armored than most smaller ships, and it has the added bonus that your cargo can’t be scanned by people who might be temped to take things that don’t belong to them.

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