Need help with probe scanner!

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I already launched the probe in space, but when I opened the scanner map, the tab for the probes doesn’t appear and i cant use the probe to scan the signatures. Can anyone help if i miss something or if it’s a bug?

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Hit the scanner button on your HUD and pick “Probe Scanner” from the radial menu. Depending on your settings it may be docked with other windows as well.

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Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key Alt-P to open your probe scanner window.

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You all don’t seem to get it, do you? I already launched the probe in space, but when i open Probe scanner, i can’t use the probes to scan the unknown signature. Just look at the picture below:

(Mo Skor) #7

Your probe scanner window is not open, or it is under the map.

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All you’re seeing is the system map window, NOT the probe window.

check my screenshot, in my case the probe window is completely top right.

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The scanning-position of your probes could be outside of the at the moment visible part of the window.
As far as I know the positioning displayed on the map is different to the acutall position of the probes when you have first launched them.
Try looking around in the map, they might be somewhere veeeery far off. This happens to me from time to time when I accidently drage them into one direction while trying to rotate the map.

Another option just came to my mind: One can activate and deactivate the cone of the directional scanner in the probing map. there might be the same option for core scanner probes. If there is this option it should be in the top left of the corner hiding in a drop down menu.

Isn’t he? I see the 2 icons in the bottom right to change views. If I’m not mistaken they are not there in the regular system map window.
But you are right, the probe scanner window is not visable in the screenshot.

Last option I can think of: The probes might be disconnected from the ship. Because we don’t see the probe scanning window we can’t tell if that’s the case. In the probe scanning window is this button where you can reconnect your probes to the ship. It looks like the refresh-button in your browser going clockwise. It should also display a list of your connected probes in space.

Also recalling and launching them again might help… but I guess that was the first thing one would do.

Cheers o7

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