Any way to rearrange the order of filter tabs in overview?

Is there any way to do this? It seems that this should be a standard feature, no? I just installed the Iridium Overview and don’t like the order they are displayed, I am wanting to change them.

In searching for a resolution the only thing that comes up is to change the column order.

The filters appear to be sorted alphabetically, so I’m pretty you can rearrange the order if you rename the tabs:

For example:

Theoverviewtabthatyouwantontop (let’s move this one up!)


I guess numbers will also work, haven’t tried that.

The overview filters are fully customizable. Ingame in the overview settings you can export your current overview to a .yaml file which you can open in a text editor like notepad. There you can change the names to your liking and import it again.

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Oh wowz that seems rather redamentary; that should really be added as a feature, would be very helpful.


I’m just wondering, why do you want sorting?

Instead of sorting I use a different solution to find my commonly used filters myself: I keep the list of filters short.

While I haven’t used Iridium, I used Z-S for years. I noticed I rarely used all the specialised filters of Z-S, just a few of them, so when the default overview settings were updated to include many specialised filters by default I made a few custom filters for my own overview tabs and dscan.

With about 5 filters it’s really easy to find the one I need.

From the top of my head I think I use:

  • General combat - shows hostile and neutral ships, bombs, cynos, deployables and more stuff that I can shoot or can shoot me
  • Friendlies - shows friendly ships only
  • Travel - gates, stations, sun and structures and other warp destinations - in a separate overview tab
  • Dscan all - ships, structures, wrecks, deployables, probes etc.
  • Dscan ships - ships and probes only

Short list, so no need for filters. And if I ever need a specialised filter for some task it’s not hard to make one.