Enabling Icons For Wrecks/Probes Etc On Screen But Not Overview?

The Overview seems to be linked with what you see on screen and there are multiple ways of changing multiple things to do with both and each, through eachs’ settings.

It’s kind of confusing to start. Anyway i was watching a vid on youtube and i swear this guy had highlighted wrecks and probes etc via icons showing on his screen, but they weren’t cluttering up his overview tab he was using.

This would be great. I have wrecks and structures and stuff not in my main overview tab(s) to hide the clutter, but they are also nigh-invisible onscreen from not being highlighted by their icons.

How do you change this? How do you make icons/objects show onscreen, but not in the overview tab?

Thanks heaps.

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You can set the Overview and the Brackets (I.E. the stuff that shows in space) to use different profiles.

  • Open Overview settings (Menu in the top left of the overview pane -> Overview settings)
  • Go to the tab “Overview Tabs”
  • You can now set up each overview tab with a different saved profile. The Bracket profile column allows you to show different things on screen by choosing another profile.


Alternatively (and a bit easier) you can simply click the “Show all Brackets” option in the overview menu. This will overwrite whatever preset exists and simply show all objects in space as brackets. Beware, it can impact performance in large fleet fights if you enable this.

Hope this helps

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Ohhh, odd that it’s named “Brackets”

Much appreciated!

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