Can't see Trig in Overview

I am mining in hi-sec. Then start getting shot at my Trig. I have not been able to figure out overview that shows the Damavik frigate.
Any help is appreciated.

  • Make sure the overview tab you’re on has the appropriate profiles (one profile for the overview window, one profile for space brackets). If you’re in the wrong tab/using the wrong profile, you won’t see things. The name of the tab doesn’t matter since you can name the tab one thing and load different profiles
  • If you are using a custom profile, remember that when CCP releases updates with new overview profile entities, they will NOT be automatically included into existing profiles. This means that trig rats won’t be seen on custom profiles unless they were updated to include them. Make sure you update your custom overview profiles
  • When in doubt, load a default profile into your tabs. Again, there are two profiles loaded into each tab: one for the overview window itself, and one for space brackets
  • It is always handy to have an “All” tab with the “All” profile loaded for both the Overview window and space brackets
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Today I had to add Cassandra Tyrannos to my overview

It is like new Characters are being added, though this was the first sighting even though it is not that new.

Quick way: Zoom out so you can see the actual ship and it isn’t moving very fast, right-click it in space, then choose “Add (ship type) to overview)”

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