Different overview columns per tab

Hi everyone new player here,

Pretty sure this must have been discussed in the past, but I’ve been unable to find anything through the forum search or google, so if it has, sorry for reposting :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically I am wondering if there is a specific reason for which we don’t have different columns and columns sizes for the different Tabs on the Overview (General, Combat , Mining, etc). As a beginner I find myself wanting to look at different columns and have them at different positions. A couple of examples:

  • During combat I’d like to start tracking angular and radial velocities
  • In combat I probably don’t care about the name as well. I am still trying to understand the different types of ships I am mostly concerned on figuring out the class (frigate, destroyer, etc)
  • In the ‘General Tab’ Usually multiple stations share a similar name / difference of asteroid belt name is at the end. If you are trying to go to one specifically, it’s hard to distinguish. Expanding the column effects all overview tabs and mouse-overing or setting a destination is not that a good of a solution :slight_smile:

Anyways, maybe this is possible and I am unaware, but thought I’d drop it here.

Have a good one!

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I wish we could split overview tabs into their own windows


omg did you not see the new skillsheet?

dont tell them to change anything. How are we going to navigate and shoot things when they split the oiverview UI up into a half dozen windows?

How CCP will impliment the new overview:
You open the Character Viewer,
then click the tiny little button,
then click the Jumpgates button,
then scroll through the list of jump gate types
then find the Stargate jump gate type
then expand its submenu to view the 3d render of the stargate
then zoom in on the control panel
then press the jump button

then when you get to the other side, you need to close that window and open up the window that shows you enemy frigates because you dont have the other window that shows who is in system because that was burried in another window as well

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