Rats on overview

Ive noticed lately that when I am ratting each wave of rats shows the red icon at the bottom of the overview, then after a few seconds jumps to the top. Overview is set by distance. Is there anyway so that the rats always show at the top?

Your Overview is set for objects nearest you to be listed at the top, right?

Maybe this is what’s happening.

When NPC’s first appear on Overview, they’re actually slowing down in warp so the Overview registers them at a far distance and when the NPC’s actually do land on grid, the Overview then quickly calculates their exact location and places them in their correct spot in the Overview.


You’re holding your mouse curser stationary on the Overview which locks the objects listed in it from moving so the Overview adds new contacts to the bottom, then when you see the NPC’s at the bottom, you move your mouse which then unlocks the Overview and allows it to show all listed objects at their correct distance.

Actually I don’t know, I’m just throwing out some possibilities as to why it’s happening.


Thanks @DeMichael_Crimson yes set to nearest at the top.

Ill observe more and see if either of your suggestions seem to be the cause

I like to think it’s the first possibility, definitely adds more immersion to the game… :wink:

actually it was the 2nd, i never knew that keeping the mouse on the overview locked it.

the distance immedially shows at 25 odd KM so it isnt as if they are warping in, they just appear at that distance, i made sure the mouse was not on the overview and they appear as they should


If you press Ctrl and hold it, the overwiev freezes. Can be helpful sometimes. New entities will appear somewhere in the bottom and will not be redistributed up, not messing the order, if you hold it.


Well, I had a feeling that was the issue. Gratz on figuring it out.

Course I’d much rather prefer that it was due to immersion… :expressionless:

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lol, indeed, I find little immersion in eve these days to be honest


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