Overview settings for boss related wrecks

I found I missed a Domination General after the bounty was paid out. I like to use VNI for AFK ratting. I just don’t care about any loots so far until I really missed something probably very valuable. So I wonder if there is any overview settings that will ONLY show elite NPC wrecks, like deadspace overseer?

There seems to be only one general tag for “wrecks” under the celestial filter. Although I can sort the wrecks by clicking “type” in the right table, I can’t find a way to pick certain types of wreck out. Does anyone have a good idea?

how do you AFK rat if the rats not aggressing you ?

100AB VNI orbitting 30km. All rats except for some frigates will aggress on you.

yup , the frigates :confused: been orbiting for like a hour , I think this space is broken , never happened in Caldari space.

if you are using Near2 , there is option to alert you if you have a “faction” spawn , but it never worked for me.

Yours seem very good.
A good feature would be to add “wreck is commander” option in the “state” part of the overview (just like, “wreck is empty” and “wreck is viewed”)

It was a very valuable faction mod.

Now you’ve got me googling near2… sounds like a nice tool

There was a time using the term “boss-related” in EvE would have been frowned on and probably not done. Interesting how gaming community cultures change…

I have a good idea to help notify you when a faction rat spawns, pay active attention to your game. I admit I could be doing it wrong I suppose.


yeah you could be doing it wrong. especially when there are 10 rats on screen and you chain kill them , then 10 more, etc.

I have had that situation before. I resort my overview from time to time to easily ID the faction spawns. It does require a click or two though.

more than that.

Most of the time you just don’t show wrecks on overview, they would clutter it.
So you need to switch to an overview, that has wrecks in it.
Then remember the name of the possible commander (serpentis medium commander wreck ?)
Then adjust your overview sizes to show the full type of the wreck.
Then sort by type.
And find out if of the possible types, there is one.

Then undo all that. Just to check IF there is a commander wreck at the end of the site.

So yes it is possible, but it’s just a pain in the ass.

Wow. I am guessing using spreadsheets is hard too.

Or you could ask how its done all within the game and not reliant on 3rd party tools. Instead you revert to insults. Pity

You are resorting to personal attacks. No reason to try to discuss with a loser who can’t accept when he is wrong.

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