Faction Navy rats attacking their own militia at missions and planet

When I attacked a enemy militia mission runner in their mission site, all the rats in the mission switched aggro to me. Also, allied navy rats have attacked me near planets. This happened even though I did not attack the rats. I hope that this gets changed soon. Alternately, I would be interested in what the logic behind this plan is.

This is a common problem - it’s not always clear why you’re getting the agro, either. We’ve asked for some changes to the AI in this regard - you’d think that if you’re coming to shoot the dude that’s shooting them, they’d keep shooting that dude and thank you for your help, but this is EVE so of course it doesn’t make any sense.

Thanks for the support. It happened right after I scrammed the enemy, so maybe the AI reacted to that. It does not have anything to do with faction standings as my standings with the rat’s faction is favorable. The mission navy rats are mild compared to the new navy rats that appear at planets, which appear lots of damage and ewar effects including scrams to anyone coming nearby, and which also do not drop loot of any kind (not even tags). At least many rats are coded to not attack unless attacked (like the drifters when encountered in highsec away from observatories and wormholes, or various blue NPC ships). So, this code could theoretically be used for the faction navy rats. Managing rat aggro in the new faction warfare content will be important for making the sites something that is realistic for the typical militia capsuleer to run; correcting the current AI in the manner than you are advocating for would boost confidence in future faction warfare updates.

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