FW Mission Rat Aggression

I am in the Amarr Militia and I’ve recently taken up hunting Minmatar Purifiers running FW Missions. I’ve had some success with catching and killing the bombers, however, the mission rats often start aggressing me as I enter the site and after I kill my target, the frigates will web/point me. This is rather annoying and makes no sense from any perspective, lore wise and standings wise. I often will have to come in a site multiple times to retrieve the loot from the bombers to avoid getting killed by rats from my own militia.
I have one request: that the rats from the factions you are allied with stop aggressing you. I am a) stopping the people who are trying to kill the rats and b) on the same side as the rats. I can’t shoot back to remove tackle unless I want to lose standing with my own faction while I don’t see the Amarr military losing standings with me and they red box me every time I enter a site.

If you have positive standings with Amarr, I agree that the rats shouldn’t shoot you. I’ll pass this along.


Thanks! True CSM MVP right here