Question: FW Missions

I joined the Amarr FW and wanted to do a few missions between ratting and plexing, and I have a few agents in the Amarr systems near Raa, Tzvi, Kamala (I think), but when they give me missions, instead of sending me 1-6 systems in the Bleak Lands / Devoid area, they send me 14+ jumps away.

Is there any way to find agents that send me into the area I kind of decided to keep near? I know there are agents in those systems like Raa, but since they are under Minmitar control I cannot access them. Is this normal?

Thanks for any answers.

this is normal.

for reasons ccp wont be able to explain i will

the missions spawn in old minmatar sovereign systems in the regions of metropolis and heimatar.

they are always going to be far away. its best to grab a few and try to do more than a couple at once because your going to be out there.

Yuck. Ok, thx for the reply flyinghotpocket. I will try to grab more missions at once then.

ive actually got the perfect picture for this. i just forgot to post it first.


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