Path to War : Courier Goals

I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place. I only see one in the FW listing, and it won’t let me make a new one.

Hopped on with a teammate last night and headed out to Minmatar/Amarr warzones to look for the new Courier/Salvage missions for the Shadow War. I think we checked most of Minmatar space and a few Amarr systems and did not see a single “Courier” anomaly at all. From what I gather they should be listed on the Anomalies without having to scan for them, just like the other FW objectives. But not a one to be found. And there were quite a few systems with no one there at all.

Can anyone confirm that these do exist and are working correctly? Maybe we were just doing something wrong. Any assistance is appreciated.

They exist, and the event sites in general are far more common in the named constellations than they are in the rest of the warzone.

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Really? Hmmm. That might be where we search next. Appreciate the info!

No. Dont bother. There are like 4 sites at all, all systems included. CCP dont want us to do this content.

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It does kind of feel like that. We searched all over the dang place and never found one. Got blown up at a gate camp in Rancer, went looking again…still nada.

I should say that after changes some time ago problems with amount of comlexes especially in low sec are solved. Event is awesome. Love it.

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