Caldari fw l4 mission stratios?

Stratios Cal fw l4 Will it work?
I also need fittings
Thank you

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Wow, 19 days and no answer to this question.


I’m not in FW so I can’t say what ship or fit up should be used.

Seems these forums would have a sub-forum for everything, obviously CCP forgot about Factional Warfare.

I find it kinda weird that you would be like that DMC considering the number of times you have shot me down for offering FW mission advice on previous versions of these forums because it is low-sec and ‘too dangerous.’ That’s not a pitch for an argument, more of a sense of bewilderment on my part that you would be white-knighting this particular issue.

@UnknownError, I have done a ton of FW missions in the past but I haven’t ever used a Strat, I used to snipe the mission objective in AB polarized bombers (kind of like how people do the Team Burners now, but with more range). But then, I hear the meta has changed for FW missions since they added rats that scrambled in the minmatar and amarr missions that were overly farmed (because their EW didn’t stop you from doing the mission unlike Damps and ECM). If you are doing Caldari FW then the (pre-change) issue was that they used ECM too much. From what I have heard they rejigged it so it wasn’t quite as much ECM-AIDS to kill the mission objective. Last time I did them it was post-change in a bomber but still doable if you manually piloted (Minmatar); so I cannot offer any specific advice on the Caldari ones at all.

I think, but do not know, people do FW missions these days in combat recons and T3s. I don’t see why a Strat wouldn’t work, just make sure you cherry pick the right missions (e.g. assassination and courier interdiction missions, rather than structure kills); I think from memory there are 3 of each per mission type. But it was 2 or 3 years ago that I last did them. I would google for a guide personally.

[edit] pro-tip (cos I am feeling nice). It used to be difficult to get rid of so much LP, I would make 800k-1.2m LP per 2-3 hours (incl. ~45 mins collecting L3 & L4 missions in a ceptor from 15 stns). Nobody (back then) used to know how to efficiently liquidate that much LP so you would have 10’s of millions of LP banked and unused unless you needed something specific. What I found was that you needed to save the LP until the Faction you were working for dropped tiers (e.g. started to lose the war) and then the datacores would rise in value dramatically to about 1k-1.2k per LP. Then you could literally spend 10m LP in datacores, ship them to Jita, and get fat bank from selling to buy orders. But if you didn’t wait (e.g. sold when your side was winning) you’d only get 600-700 isk per LP.

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Sorry brother, you must have me confused with someone else. I go into ‘Low Sec’ all the time and quite frankly, I view High Sec as the most dangerous one of all the security sectors.

The only time I actually ‘shoot down’ advice to join Factional Warfare is when it’s given as an answer to fix or repair negative Faction standings. Other than that I have no problem with encouraging players to join Factional Warfare, as long as the player is informed of how the mechanics work and all the options available to be successful.

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