Neutralizing, super fast BS addition to level 4 FW missions

I haven’t done any FW missions for a long time. Today i wanted to do some since we (Calmil) went up to t4 and missions now pay real good LP but i realized missions changed a bit, most of the changes are not really important, some of them are nice ones but not the new fast nueting BS addition to missions since it kills 100 mn fits. I mean i can still warp out even if i get neuted out but once that BS get in range with me, it force me to warp out leaving my drones there so some missions become undoable with 100 mn fits. do you guys have any solution to this or maybe new fits for fw l4s ?


Are you sure jackdaw is capable of l4? Do you have Jackdaw fit for it?

use domis with friends i guess

As a gallente militia member I saw enemy flying those ships into the mission pockets. My wild guess is that it is a sniper fit with some sensor boosters to counter damping. Check kill board in gallente FW systems. You see jackdaw without a point - you will most probably get your fit.

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