Should i bother fitting another Battleship?

Lost a tempest, i think, to mission rats. Hit jump and it didn’t do anything.

Point is i’m not sure i can afford to fit another one. I suppose i would like to do L4 missions, but after this…

It all happened on another account but i don’t remember the password. I’d have to dig it up from my password book. Name Frustrated Dino.

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Mind sharing your fitting so that we can analyze it?

I run L4 security missions all the time with Armageddons and Dominixes (even Abaddon) and have no issues at all.

can you please give correct infos? like which rat type? what were you doing? missions? ratting in null sec? scanned combat site?
and there is no loss for “Frustrated Dino” on zkillboard

Not sure how i would link a fit here. Made another one, maelstrom this time. Insured it this time.

Only seems to link pvp loss, it was mission. The rats i mean.

OLD FIT Tempest

High power
6x 1200mm Heavy Gallium Cannon
2x Salvager I
Medium power
2x Cap Recharger I
1x 100MN Afterburner I
2x Large Cap Battery I
Low power
2x Gyrostabilizer I
1x Damage Control I
1x Large Armor Repairer I
1x Experimental Energized Thermal Membrane I
1x Experimental Energized Kinetic Membrane I
5x Hobgoblin I

NEW FIT Maelstrom

High power
7x 1400mm Gallium Cannon
1x Salvager I
Medium power
1x Large Shield Booster I
2x Large Cap Battery I
1x EM Ward Field I
1x Thermal Dissipation Field I
1x Shield Boost Amplifier I
Low power
3x Gyrostabilizer I
1x Damage Control I
1x Inertial Stabilizers I
2,100x Phased Plasma L
5x Hobgoblin I
5x Hammerhead I
1x Adaptive Invulnerability Field I

why is everything t1? you should at least have your tank mods t2

Both fits are extremely low end / lacking skills.

Maelstrom use 8 guns drop salvager,use salvage drones if you must.

1400mm guns have worst tracking imaginable you need tracking mods I wouldn’t go in site without prop mod also.

Drop inertia stab as well.

artillery is long-range. Where is your MJD ?

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When you struggle with lvl4s in a battleship …
… then run lvl2s and lvl3s in a destroyer.

That’ll thoroughly teach you. I apologize for you suffering from bad advice given by people who want you to work through missions instead of playing them. You are apparently not supposed to sit in a battleship. It’s too expensive and you lack the experience.

Do lvl2s and lvl3s in long range destroyers. When you can do lvl2s, move up the level. It’ll afford your wit, patience and ingenuity to figure out how to beat them without just constantly warping out.

Stop wasting your isk, and the game, like this and please share the name of the person who made you use a battleship, when you shouldn’t.

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That’s by far the stupidest comment on this topic.

Tell them to do burners in noobship that will be at least cheaper.

Don’t drop your account name anywhere. only names of characters not accounts, they shouldn’t be the same. EVER. easy way to get banned.

What kind of Rats killed you? I know you said mission rats, but like Gurista, Blood Raider etc.

If you cannot upgrade to T2 equipment like some have mentioned for a battleship, consider moving down to a T2 battlecruiser if possible and work on Level 3’s until you are able to swiftly move through 3’s then go to 4.

What idjit, gave you that fit for the tempest?

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Mind telling me what a MJD is?
Single salvager goes with a Mobile Tractor Unit so i don’t have to swap ship for salvaging and looting.
BS are slow and i figured i would warp to 50km and snipe with artilery, removing the immediate need for tracking.
I put an inertia stabilizer there because i had nothing better to put in it.
As far as doing L2 and L3 in a destroyer, i’d rather do anomalies. To each it’s own.
I’m alpha clone.
Everything is T1 because i made the fit on simulator and i went for the most available stuff.

Anything else i missed, please remind me.

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micro jump drive. which it looks like you can’t use since you are an alpha. microwarpdrive, or MWD is an option since you can’t use MJD

also, as i mentioned, why not use a battlecruiser for L3’s until you can get a better fit for the battleship… there are some T2’s you can use as an alpha.

Aside from that Shield Amplifier, you can upgrade all those mods in Medium and Low to T2 on the Maelstrom

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Something I haven’t seen mentioned yet, the reason you were unable to warp out is likely due to warp disrupting frigates that frequently appear in level 4 missions.

They are small and fast, so it’s hard to kill them with big weapons and they love to eat drones. However, since they love drones so much, you can use that to possibly get away.

Drop your drones out. Select a station on your overview (or planet if there’s no stations). Select the “Align to” option so your ship starts moving towards it, and repeatedly try to warp to the station until the frigates get distracted by your drones long enough for you to leave.

But yeah, level 4 missions are a big jump from level 3. It’s typically recommended to continue doing level 3 missions until you’ve got a solid skill base. (all the gun/missile support skills to at least 3, preferably 4, and the ability to fit all T2 modules for your tank.) Also you will need a way to deal with the frigates. target painter + stasis webifier can work well for that. Light combat drones can also work, but the warp disrupting frigates kill them very quickly.


I trained gunnery up to mostly 3 days to a week training a skill on alpha… Thing is i was told ingame CCP was to remove alpha L4 because botting.

Might still be interesting to learn L4 mechanics in case i L4 on an omega eventually but i wouldn’t like to copy paste a fit I don’t understand…

Sorry for the bad english. I blame the phone.

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Hell, when I first started playing, I stayed in a Tech 1 Frigate for 9 months and max trained every skill associated with that ship class while developing tactics. I just kept advancing up in mission level and by the time I was done, I had top line ship fit completing level 3 Security missions within the bonus time.

After 9 months I decided to also loot and salvage so I quickly jumped into Battlecruiser. By already having most of the skills maxed trained, I could easily do Tech 2 fit which allowed me to spend time on developing different tactics.

So yeah I agree with the others, there’s no shame in dropping down in ship class / mission level to train up skills, you’ll gain better performance and more experience in both ship fit and tactics.


Did they have a white Diamond in their name? Those are real nasty and will even pod you if you stick around.

This one time in Sinq Laison
A Guristas Kestrel Diamond showed up and podded me and stole my 72.2 mil implants.

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if you are wanting to run an armor tank, you want to train the associated skills first before you try to solo an L4 security mission… some missions have rats that will negate your capacitor in addition to scrambling your warp drive

BTW, the Tempest suffers from Explosive Damage protection (10%) base resist. the Kinetic is slightly better at 25% and the Thermal is better still at 30%. personally I would work into a Standard Battleship first by running L2 missions in either a Destroyer or Cruiser and L3 missions in either a Cruiser or BattleCruiser all the while training up my skills to use a Battleship the right way but I would still train my tanking skills first.

One other thing either you tank all damage in Shield or Armor, no matter the ship that you fly and pay attention to the Traits/Description for the Ship that you want to use to get an idea of the type of general loadout that you need

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