(Abstraktw Akatsuji) #1

Is good this ship and fit for lvl 4 missions and 0.5 escalations?

(Foggy Bernstein) #2

If you want legit opinions, you’d be better off posting in the missions forum.

This is the troll forum.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #3

Yep looks fine.

(ISD Buldath) #4

Topic moved to the Missions Category.

(Arushia) #5

Barghest is a good ship, if overkill. Not sure about that fit though. Not a fan of rapid heavies for missions since you lose so much DPS to reloads. Consider cruises and some application mods/rigs.

Also not sure about that passive tank for missions. Usually missions favor an active tank.

(Lugburz) #6


for level 4 missions you will want a shield booster, not passive tank; the only battleship that really works on is the rattlesnake.

(elitatwo) #7

…and the Nighthawk…

(Abstraktw Akatsuji) #8

i tryed several times an active tank but or i cant increse my missiels range or i was running out of energy too fast barghest dont have the luxury what snake and scorpion have more mid slot and they have more options in same way they cant use rapid heavy missiels efective like barghest.
And if we are staying to calculate how much dps we lose imagine when were use cruise we stay 2/3 x more time per rachet u need more time to kill same targhet with cruise that rapid heavy so with that 35s CD on reload is just fine is kinda same to clear + for an alpha rapid heavy are move efective than cruise for dmg cuz we can t use T2 weapons and Ammo

(Kynami Vaille) #9

If you want to use rapid heavies for fast-ish clears you are honestly better off with either a Navy Scorpion or a Praxis than using a Barghest.

(Wanda Fayne) #10

Domination modules are generally used for tight CPU fits. I would really change those out for other faction/deadspace modules. If you insist on passive tank then use navy Shield Power Relays and Republic Shield Extenders. You are near to 2B anyway its not going to make much difference in cost.

(Do Little) #11

Also, the in-game fitting tool has an Import & Export option in the lower left that will copy your fit yo the clipboard so you can paste it here (or in PYFA) as text. A lot easier for people to read, play with in PYFA and make suggestions.

As a general rule, you want large weapons for level 4 missions - they kill battleships a lot faster than medium weapons. An MJD will let you pull range where your large weapons can hit small targets burning directly toward you. Target painters and tracking computers will also increase the effectiveness of large weapons against small targets.

Level 4 missions can be completed by 6 month old characters in T1 battleships with meta fits - I used to do it. Shiny fits should let you run them a bit faster but they aren’t necessary.

(Abstraktw Akatsuji) #12

for any other ship i need to many mid slots for increse range while on bargest i need just 1 And i dont want to use to expensive items also i spend all my money to build that and something alse than a good Hardiner idk if is worth

(Kynami Vaille) #13

No you don’t. The answer is also having reloads of standard heavy missiles without the range penalty for those 60K+ ranges. The other fancy T2 ammo can be used when stuff is within 45K. Yes that hammers your paper DPS but that is the trade-off for using longer ranged ammo.

The other reason to keep the standard ammo around is you’ll have a better time trash canning elite cruisers with them than trying to use Fury rounds on them. To say nothing of elite frigates.

(Abstraktw Akatsuji) #14

i can rech 100km with normal missiels on rapid heavy and more than 250+ km on cruise while on gurista and caldari u need 3 mid slot to do that

(Anderson Geten) #15

with a 114 km targeting range ?

(Abstraktw Akatsuji) #16

if i had to use that range on cruise missiels i will change fit for long range and and can just make it 228 km target renge maybe bigger but i dont feel like i will need that on barghest he is more efective with rapid heavy than cruise and in futere i will build navy scorpion or snake for cruise as well

(Agondray) #17

total bs, ive always been able to roll through lvl 4s with t1 cruise and your lap of cap is probably due to lack of flux coils and cap chargers

(Mina Sebiestar) #18

Personally would go cruise plus active tank with afterburner to mitigate most of incoming damage.
At least put tractor beam on it cut your slow boat misery by 20-24 km.

(Kynami Vaille) #19

Ahh, but you see that isn’t quite the case. Use a pair of Missile Guidance Enhancers in the lows of a shield tank setup and you only end up needing a single Missile Guidance Computer in the mids… and can fit a pair of rigor rigs in to boot.

An active tanked Navy Scorp can get over 800 EHP/s versus Guristas very easily with ~70K standard missile range and ~52K fury range even for Alpha clones. If you insist on getting the range higher than that you should just use cruise missiles and accept the lower DPS in exchange for being able to hit out to your targeting range limit.

(HugoRich) #20

For the same price, with mwd to reach gates, with good dps and it applying and a omni resists, for lazy game :gothparrot: