Most fun way to do Lvl 4 missions

Not interested in the Isk/tick answers.

Just return from a two year hiatus, looking to have fun with a two man team.

we have ships but no real knowledge of proper fits, but we have fun taking it to the edge destruction.

Some missions have ship restrictions, we only have BS fitted at the moment.

Question: What is the best fits for a Cal/Gal team for ship restriction missions and low sec ratting that the story line would send us. We don’t want to risk our hi-sec BS in lw-sec missions.

Remember Fun/Isk ratio, We plan to go anywhere as we progress in our hunt for yucks.

I glad to be back playing with you losers again.
Rhed :wink:


Cerberus and ishtar

A Dominix with Neuts? Was fun in null sec when a ceptor tackled me in a mission and lost point because no cap.

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Lowsec is more fun though

We have plans, but we are rusty so relearning the game will take time. Last night we play L4 mission. Before I let the accounts expired, RL intruded in my spare time and I had to let it go. My son is dying of MS (45) I’m (61) I have found that EVE was the best way to hang out and have a lot of fun (a lot of yelling and cursing, jokes and laughter) Other games not so much. We have a lot fun together and I can tell he was really enjoying himself immensely. So mining is out. Low sec is our goal.

In 03 I moved to LS and farted around for many years then tried Null by joining Red Alliance, back to low sec, back to Null with BoB, the back to Hi to learn missions and Industry. Zzzzz my playing slowly died, and I left.

So watch it Gorthaur Legion is coming, Resistance is futile, we will be incorporated.


a few insured t1 bs in lowsec would probably be a blast, between the missions and people trying to hunt you. with 2 ships and a just for fun attitude you should be able to mostly pvp fit and be effective. Can also fly to complement each other’s fit. Like someone else said a neut domi will shut most attackers down, Add a web and/or stasis grappler to lock targets down and put the hurt on. For the caldari character I’d probably have to suggest the raven, from an efficiency standpoint I don’t like flying it, but for fun it’s pretty good all around. Might even go with a torpedo fit for high damage, since you have the domi to kill the random small stuff, and the raven can go for the big stuff. With painter, web, and grappler cruise/torps will apply pretty well, and even better if the target is sat still neuted out. also maybe take a crash booster if someone attacks you, gives a huge sig radius boost to missiles. Can consider exile or blue pill to help with the tanks too, then maybe an agency booster for extra damage/tank.

You can have fun, or you can grind L4s.

You can’t have both.

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Okay, max fun in lvl 4s. The most possible fun you can have doing level 4s would probably be doing burners in lowsec or null. Barring that, FW L4s can be pretty fun. Maybe you guys should try a Tengu/Proteus duo, practice a bit in highsec and then head out to lowsec toting covert cloaks. I think this would give you a decent fun/isk ratio.

Good luck to your son. Eve can be very therapeutic. I hope you guys have some good times!

Also I really like the burner missions, with 2 people you can probably come up with some really silly fits that just dunk them. Get to run mission, get paid, and use frigate skills that’s pretty cool imo.

Daredevils are a great starting point, the 90% web really locks things down and they have really good damage. And with the AF buff and specific tanks there’s probably some cool AF options that I haven’t really even looked for.

Two garmurs with rockets and kiting will smash the team burners. and with 2 people you could also just use an ECM ship and a DPS ship. pretty much need to be able to hit at 20-30km, most AFs can do that, Rail Harpy and Beam retribution both look great for that.

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For extra fun and challenge, do the regular level 4 missions in an assault frigate. Since you have Caldari and Gallente, I suggest the Harpy and Enyo.


I’ve done this with Enyo and Ishkur, good times


Dual RHML Rattlesnakes with Geckos. It’s the only way.

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Thanks for the kind words and advice. It is what it is, you got to play the cards you are dealt. :face_with_monocle:


I used a Navy Domi paired wit a Rattlesnake, most fun.

Not sure you will like this reply, but the most fun related to L4 missions is hunting the ships runing the missions… Fit an Ishkur of Fantastic ™ and go blow up some blinged BS (or lose your Ishkur, but with lot of fun).

Much more adrenalin and fun than shooting red crosses in space.

My two Isk.

Yes, and by “hunting” you must mean (suspect) “baiting”. That’s almost as old as miner bumping…

And mission running is almost as old as suspect baiting (which is one thing, but not the only one). Does it mean it’s better or worse ? No, just different.

Op ask for fun ways to go in mission, I gave an answer. As i told, not sure if he (you) will like it…

Well, I guess a sucker is born every minute. Just not this one…

Like elitatwo & Eternal said

AF’s for L4’s is a blast
If there’s 2 of you … it’s almost twice the fun.

I think can flipping is older than bumping, since people were doing it before barges existed.