About the EDENCON event anomaly

Good morning ccp and crew. I’d like to say thank you for the EDENCON event site. It provides some sort of teamplay among small groups, which lacks hard on the pve aspect of nullsec.

After running 4 or so sites on a 4man drake fleet, i tell you that it was the most fun i had in a while with pve nullsec, which gave me a ideia. Why not take inspiration of it? Lets say a ihub upgrade that allows triglavians to spawn on the constellation, sites on a edencon style that only battlecruisers can enter, maybe make it a bit harder and giving a reason to use logis on nullsec pve. I love the teamplay aspect of it, reminds me of incursions or invasions but keeping a highsec alt only for that is painful. Make some sort of “emerging conduits” at nullsec, behind a gate, make us want to salvage, loot wrecks, work as a team for greater reward in isk and DED lp. I urge you. I don’t enjoy “krabbing” alone anomaly after anomaly. And i am sure that there is people out there that would agree with me.

More variety is always better. I haven’t tried it yet but the event made me do a Drake fit in pyfa. Might try it tomorrow.,

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