Ratting problem


i use thanatos for ratting in 0.0 and always the rats take agro my t2 fighters
the rats never take agro my thanatos today i lost 2 drones

any idea about that ?

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Keep your fighters orbiting all the time and they won’t die. It is entirely possible that a fighter squadron tanks all the Forlorn Hub waves without losing a single fighter.

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When you land in site don’t deploy fighters until you have the aggro on your carrier and always keep your figthers moving (orbit something). Also sometimes the npc go in to super ■■■■ bastard mode were all they do is target fighters/drones constantly. When that happens dock up in a citadel, leave your ship and then jump back in to the ship. As that seems to fix the problem as aggro goes back to normal.

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get 3+ more accounts afk VNIs laugh at the people still using carriers.

When it landed, first turn on the MWD and put the orbit of the structure of the fighters in 3km approximately, when the NPC appear your fighters orbit the structure and do not get an extra DPS. first of all you attack frigates, you put missile on your cruiser, as with cruiser you have max dps for your fighters. Elite cruise let the racket + fighter.
there is still a counter: that if the capital has active pumping, then some of the NPC will attack the penalty more this the fighter does not get an extra DPS, I recommend not putting the capital pumping out >>> large 90 \ 320xp, thereby aggravating and pumping out. another option to reduce incoming damage to fighters is to put a 1-2 drone navigations or rig on hp drones. choose what you need more

use a second carrier and the npc wont have much time to shoot anything… :smiley:

I saw such people)))

500mwd + Heavy Neutrik and couple of Drone Navigation
best capital is life capital

It’s called CCP being dicks with their AI and ship ‘re-balancing’ of carriers.

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Go on youtube and watch several of the carrier ratting guides. I also suggest you read the below.

There is no reason to lose fighters, even with the AI changes. You just need to be prepared.


I ratted with my niddy for a few months before AND after the changes and found one thing. I never lost one single fighter… when I used two carriers in a site, why? because dps and time… a lot of dps and no time for the npc to respond to it… so I was able to win over 70 mil ticks and never loose a single fighter…

I would though loose a fighter, if I used a carrier and say an ishtar, or vagabond, or something of said nature. idk what more to say. Im sure tehre are other ways to rat with carriers, I tended to rat in empty systems with alts on either side, duo carriers for 3 sanctums/havens/forlorn ralley points a tick…

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This looks like a decent guide. thanks for sharing. I will give a good read thru. Im sure there is somethings in here I am not aware of! :slight_smile:

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If you tell youre figters to orbit next target before it gets killed they never are at stand still and are always moving and ofc kill targets at the right order from frigates first. And there is no need to use rocket salvos on elite cruisers either just spare them for the bs npc’s

I never did the orbit thing… I would lock targets, f1 the fighters to the npc battleships, volley them off the field with the missiles and turrets, then attack the frigs or cruisers, they usually are the ones to attack the fighters IIRC, and then on to the next wave. I intentionally, primary the battleships first, and intentionally kill the triggers as fast as I can before moving to the other ships.

fighters move around so much, and across the field, they hardly take any damage. only when I sit there a moment, say like when i get a beer from the fridge or answer the phone, or if I got sucked into the telly a second… would my fighters take any damage. I always used missiles on the battleships, and turrets on the frigs… sometimes turrets and missiles on the cruisers, battlecruisers, if I have enough missiles.

IIRC I would have to reload missiles once per site… in that time, usually is when Im getting ready for next wave or finishing the frigs… dont know if this helps anyone but I should have mentioned my list of prioritized targets before… its a huge reason why I can get thru a site in around 6-7 minutes.

My fastest time was right around five minutes in said site… Im not sure but I think it was the easy sites, that have the least amount of waves… the FRP’s forlorn rally points? The reason Id do these over the sanctums or havens is I can get another site in my tick. What I do is coulnt the total number of battleships, because we are going after bounty here after all, and the value of the npc… I know you make a bit more in a sanctum over a FRP, but I can get more FRP sites in that 20 min than I can sanctums.

:slight_smile: you also dont get the chance for a 10/10 when running FRP’s mind you, so it depends on what you are really wanting here…

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