Carrier Ratting Guide

So there are a few guides on this but I honestly found them hard to find. Though I have seen an uptick in guides showing up running into this fall.

Carrier ratting can be incredibly profitable if done correctly. They way you fit your ship is up to you and if you’re just ratting and keeping an eye on local should need little if any tank. My set up has one 25000 armor plate on for tank plus a damage control II.

I’ve found that there are very few things that need to be done to get your ticks to 25 mil. I run Havens in my space. I find they they are primarily battleships, cruisers and battle cruisers. To start warp 100km off your anomaly and launch your drones. get them to the site by selecting your drones pressing W and picking a target on grid (either an npc or an object in space). After they get there target order should be smallest to largest hulls (generally) since frigs and destroyers are more likely to hit your orbiting drones. Before each of your targets dies make sure (and this is the most important part to making it profitable) you press W and select your next target. This command tells your drones to go orbit there next target. The reason that this step is so vital is because when your fighters kill their target most of he time they will be midcycle on their weapons. This means that for 1-5 seconds your fighter drones will be sitting in space waiting to be shot (and with the new targeting priorities that ai got about 3 months ago) and they will be shot. This is your most likely spot where you will lose out on profitability if your drones start to die because they aren’t orbiting that is isk out of your pocket you have to spend to replace them. If you can keep your drones moving so they don’t explode and you keep your ship aligned out so that you can’t be locked and killed you will very likely turn a profit. Once you get into the swing of ratting and have enough high level sites to run it will even become less profitable for you (but not others or an alt) to stop and salvage your site. If you feel like I missed anything or this guide we helpful please feel free to leave a comment!

Fly Safe o7


Thanks man. Just to let you and other pilots know:

Fresh, very good guide that i personally followed for my carrier.

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25 mil per tick is too low for a carrier.

Im looking for nul sec corp so i can do sites free in tanatos to get isk if you are interestid in having me in corp just send me a pm or replay …

25mil/tick is too low for a carrier, 40mil/tick is even hardly acceptable even with t1 fighters

My acc is 57 k SP carrier 5 fighters 5 so i can use t2 ones and i get like 20-25 mill ticks with VNI so with carrier i hope to get 100 k ticks but i need a null corp wit safe system to ratt if someone can point me to someone i would be happy

You wont get 100mil ticks lol, I get 60mil ticks with bling fit and max skills, if you go full on with everything you can maybe push 65-70mil ticks

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Sry i tought 100 to 120 k per hour but ban you tell me where and how to gewt to corps that have akces to that kinda things

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I made around 90-100 mil per tick with Carrier 4, Capitals 4, Light Fighters, 4 Heavy Fighters. It is more like chilling and ratting then max ticks. Also, I am using a super tho n

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