Glitchy / laggy overview?

Is anyone else experiences a delay (around 30 sec or more) of overview reflecting what is happening on the grid? For example, changing the standing to a pilot, or having that pilot shooting at you. The icons are appropriately changing for the ship seen on the grid itself, but overview is only updating after a long delay (and for example might still show that you are only being targeted, while actually PvP is already under way). That only started happening after the “overview update” has been rolled out. I’m using a custom overview, which I haven’t touched. Any ideas, perhaps some overview reset should be done or something? Thanks.

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Everytime. Every 10 seconds the game stutters/freezes for a couple of seconds and the UI is unresponsive for long enough where double clicks are needed or a click doesn’t register. It’s not exactly game breaking but it gets to me after a while. I don’t see myself playing more than 3 hours with this problem.

Everytime they roll out an update it breaks something. Feels like EVE is in the hands of mad scientists.
Your issue seems new. I hope they fix it for you. I haven’t experienced that specifically.

Crimewatch isnt integrated into the Overview well, and flag changes on grid require you to toggle over to another ov tab and back to refresh the flags. Flags for things arriving on grid are fine.

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