Eve is evolving!

It has Evolved!

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I think its was always creationism when it comes to EVE. “Intelligent designer” and all of that.



But what did it evolve into? :thinking:



evolved to force me to right click/activate ship because double clicking to change ships is now FUBAR. Also takes forever to swap ships now sad face
please fix


/me angrily spams the ‘B’ button :rage:

Eve has DEVOLVED entirely.

It’s nothing more than a casual arcade now where endgame content can’t even be obtained because you can’t build the ships, and even if you could you can’t have the fights on the scale necessary because they are a decade behind.


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Eve: “This isn’t even my final form!” Looks at $Diablo$ $immortal$


Is it just me, or is the game laggier than usual.

Also, green tractor-beams? Is this a foreshadowing of a Star Trek Borg cross over?


this past week is first time ive experienced lag in this game. so thats a yes from me


It’s worse than that. I got stuck in a stargate for 5 minutes…only to end up in some weird alternate universe where everything was dark and there was nothing in Overview. All that was missing was wailing and gnashing of teeth. But it was a good way of riding out the combat timer.

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No, that’s perfectly normal.

i noticed this as well. came back from a two-month break, and everything is very laggy.

A much smaller MMO

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Unlike the normal stargate lag, where you just get endless Dr Who tunnel…this was a case of being stuck with that and still having the Overview displaying and after 5 minutes the tunnel turned into a black void. If I was in a cheap ship I’d just log off…but its not the sort of thing one wants to do in a 450m ISK ship with a wardec ongoing.

Eventually it displayed ( only ) the ‘jump’ icon…and I escaped.

Welcome to Eve Evolved ! Free trip to the bottomless pit thrown in for good measure.

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I must apologize, I read this as, “But it was a good way of riding out the combat booster

So I assumed you were taking a piss. No, what you experienced was not normal, unless hopped up on space drugs.


Well the CCP stream that ended 3 minutes ago just explained what eve is evolving means:

It is nice obviously, but its not going to keep the player count up :confused:
I guess we will have to wait a year while they do this before any of the fw stuff comes out or the ARC pans out sad days indeed.

I hope when the FW update finally comes out player numbers will rise from 8k to 50k


wow new UI wtf look at the size (from top) of the item window before you even start to see your items…wtf

and this is what they call improvement? more viewable window space?

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click the 3 dots and enable compact mode, the UI is awesome.

Have tons of space to actually see space after this UI update.

yes that works if you dont mind losing access to additional bays without having the extra step of clicking the dots. Also if your in station and have corp hangers as well as other ship /item hangers you wont have access to those either in compact mode,