Overview update verry slow

My Overview is very slow to update,
For example, if I shoot a ship when it dies, sometimes the Pod till take 1 to 3 sec before I can see pod on my overview?

Someone who can tell me why?
i use Blues Recommended Overview. If I use the standard Overview then problem would still be there

Others who have the same problem?

Problem ll
have tried a few times it freezes for 5 sec. if there are many persons!

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Your computer is too slow.
Update your graphics card software and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, maybe it’s time to get a new one

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It can’t be my PC m8. i have lats new 5k$ pc.
but i use 5 screen will try run 1

i use 11 GB graphics only for Eve online focus on main char

But i have set all graphics to low, only for not get any problem like my overview have now, or in big fight 2000+ give many problem hehe

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You can try clearing all cache files in Esc menu - reset settings tab. It’ll help remove little annoying bugs.

Also might help to ‘Verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files’ in Launcher ‘Shared Cache’ - ‘E’ icon - top right corner of header.


I think OP might be referring to how the overview can sometimes lock up. if you hold ctrl (to click something to target it) while keeping the cursor over the overview, it will lock it intentionally. also, sometimes shift/alt/ctrl keys can get a bit stuck on keyboards.

so tap (click and release) your ctrl key a couple times when this happens, OP, that might help ya.

I set up graphics on maxium, and it fixes it :slight_smile:

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