Problems with Overview settings - missing foes

I was trying to make some custom overview settings, with tabs.
I wanted to simulate Incursion Overvierw settings that I lost after my system crashed.

But I don’t know how, I managed to delete all enemies from every view except mining…
and now I’m unable to get all enemies back… they do not appear in any tab except mining tab…

In Overview settings it seems I have all ships selected, but every time I try a different mission,
there’s always one ship missing… the last of which was Pirate Scarlet!
And I do not understand how to get her in back…

Untill now I have been manually adding targets to overview and then saving…
but this is hurting… how do I get all anemies back???

Yeah, I probably should have filed a bug report, but I was in site, and then forgot about it. But yeah, I experienced a similar thing when building an overview from scratch. Even when I tried selecting all NPC entities (or whatever the category is called), some of the rats didn’t show up. Fortunately, they did show up as brackets in space. So, I was able to select them, and then add them to the overview that way. I don’t know if it’s a bug, or somehow some rats got removed from a category they should have been in or what.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a better solution to what you’ve been doing. And, it sounds like it’s a real pain in your backside since you’re running different content. All I can suggest is that you try documenting problem rats as you find them, and then file a bug report. I know it’s even more work, but you’d be doing everyone a favor.

No P2W

I mean, I have selected all possible ships in the overview tab, and still rats keeps ghosting me…
I was thinking to reset somehow everything, even if I’m not sure how to, it looks like the only possible
non-solution left…

Documenting rats… all of them???

Okay, if this was limited to a handful of rats, then that would make it more likely that some rats have somehow been misclassified in the overview entities section. However, if there are a ton of them, then I’d assume that this is more likely a bug.

Anyway, try to report a a specific example or two (i.e. Dread Pirate Scarlet) so that they have something to go on when they investigate.
No P2W

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