Qustion about icons seen in space

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Is there a way to remove various station, gates and asteroids icons in space?

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Do you mean from the overview or actually in space itself? And if in space, why remove them?

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I think you probably mean the overview settings, in which case there’s a good article on the Eve University site which you might find helpful: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Overview

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Not overview, space itself. Is there a way to remove various station, gates and asteroids icons in space? Is there a way?

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Toggle show all brackets Alt-Z
Toggle show no brackets Alt-Shift-Z
Toggle Special Bracket Display Alt-Shift-X

Try those, i personally like to see everything though.

(Memphis Baas) #6

The icons in space are called “brackets” and you control what you see in-space from the Overview settings.

As Sara mentioned above, for each tab in your overview you can:

  • show all brackets (there’s a checkbox for it in the Overview settings)
  • show no brackets (also a checkbox for it)
  • show a custom set of brackets

If you look at this EVE Support Article you can see images of the Overview so you can see what’s described below:

The best way to set up the Overview is to:

  1. Set up “presets” - a set of ships, stations, asteroids configurations that you can save, and then
  2. Load presets into the 8 tabs that you have.

You can have many more presets than 8, so you can reconfigure your Overview pretty easily before each mission, if you so desire; just pick different presets for the 8 tabs.

In any case, you select the ships and stations and asteroids that you want to see, and then you save that as a preset; give it a good descriptive name. Repeat for as many configurations as you want, creating more presets.

Then in the first configuration tab (Overview Tabs tab), for each tab you pick a preset to show in the Overview and a preset to show in the Brackets (in-space). And voila, you have a set of icons in the Overview that matches your first saved preset, and a set of brackets in space that matches your second saved preset. And they can be different.

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