Brackets not working?

This might be in the wrong place…

Ive recently began mining. I want to be able to see All the asteroids in space. I already have them all in my overview. I also have “show all brackets” set. Yet, I see no asteroid brackets in space until I click on one in the overview or target it. 8ver looked through all the settings in the overview. I want to be able to see where all the asteroids are so I can pick good spots with lots of rocks in range. And please don’t give answers like the other times this has been asked (I looked before posting) telling me about semicircle belts, guessing etc. That’s not helpful.

In short, why does “show all brackets” not show ALL brackets?

I’ve been told, after submitting a ticket, that there is no way to show the brackets of individual asteroids, only the belt as a whole. When I asked why, I was directed to the forum to ask dev and to make the suggestion that it be added. I don’t know if there’s a special place to make that suggestion, but perhaps someone wiill see it here…

I’m not sure what a good reason could be to not show them all. There are hundreds of things that you can show brackets for. At first I thought it was a system resources thing, but I can show the brackets for drones and there can be hundreds of those in space at once in large battles. And as far as I can tell, other than missiles in flight, asteroids is the only rendered object that doesn’t have a bracket. Makes no sense to me at all.

Anyone have any ideas?

Little things / Small QoL suggestions This would be the post you are looking for.

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