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I noticed issues with Factional warfare sites in my overview not appearing correctly.
This differs from system to system. I cann always see in probe scanner the small/novice/medium/large sites but in overview sometimes different ones are missing. They will show up in overview if I warp to them, but before that they only appear in probe scanner.

This can differ, sometimes its the novice missing, sometimes the large, sometimes the small…until I warp to them from probe scanner. What is wrong here ? The overview is correctly set to Beacons. Please see following 3 Screenshots:

You can see that the novice and the small is missing in overview (just in this system, in others it might show). But appearing in probe scanner. If I warp to them, they will also be in overview.

Can someone help to explain what I have to do to get the sites “always” shown in overview and why sometimes they are missing and sometimes not ?

Thank you


Overview is designed to show you things in your nearby space (grid), typically 300 km - 1000 km around your ship. Some things, like stargates, planets, moons, asteroid belts, NPC stations, and certain exploration or FW sites that CCP didn’t deem necessary to probe, are exceptions and will show up in your overview even if they’re not right next to you. Other things, like player ships, wrecks, individual asteroids, etc., do NOT show up until you warp there, because you aren’t in the same grid as them until you arrive from warp.

D-scan is designed to give you a list of everything around you for up to 14 AU away, which is quite a distance. D-scan will give you everything, unless you apply an overview filter to it, to exclude things that your overview view would exclude.

Probe window is designed to let you find warp points to certain things, if you use the correct probes. Only combat probes will find player ships, for example. No probes will find wrecks or containers, they are impossible to probe out.

So, to answer your question, beacons appear in the Overview if CCP wants you to go there directly, public access, free-for-all type stuff. They won’t appear if CCP thinks you need to probe out the site first. The site may have some sort of “beacon” to anchor it in space (everything spawns around the beacon), but that’s just a limitation of the game engine, and doesn’t necessarily mean that the beacon will be system-wide.

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The FW beacons will only show up on the overview once someone warps to them if I recall correctly.

So… if you warp to a FW site on the probe scanner, it shows up on everyone’s overview. It’s a bit like waving a “I’m here” flag around.

If you warp to a FW beacon on overview, you run the risk that someone else is already in it. Doing a narrow cone d-scan in the direction of the beacon can usually warn you of that.

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Both of your replies are very helpful, thanks a lot.

Got it now. Also good to know that its globally available if someone is in the site already.


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