Overview window populated from where?

What is the game source for the objects shown in the Overview window?

Is it from Probe scans? DScan?

The source is the game. It auto populates based on what’s in system with you.

Doesn’t require use of D Scan or Probes.

That brings me to another similar question:

In a lot of high sec areas around stations and gates I see a lot of probes just hanging out.

Are they unclaimed/lost probes? Or what?

I see probes that look lost in space a lot too, and although they look inactive a nearby ship could be using them. They are not always in close proximity to the pilot that is using them.

If you watch them for a while you’ll often suddenly see them all vanish as a nearby ship recalls them. The pilot is busy scanning something down when you see them sitting there looking lost.

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Also some people tend to drop them on undocking or spawning from a gate then warp off to wherever and the probes are there until they leave system or start scanning. Even if “abandoned” you can not interact with probes in space as far as I know.

You are right, you can neither shoot nor collect probes. What a pity.

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