Firing weapons without clicking on each target

Hello! Just signed up and was running through the introductory missions while my friend was doing the same, and apparently mhe is going through far fewer actions than I am to do the same task whenever we’re instructed to destroy one of the Seeker ships.

My friend’s actions are:

  • Click the target in the overview
  • Press “Q” to approach, then “W” to orbit
  • Press “Ctrl” to lock, then “F1” to activate the weapon

I have tried doing the same but get prompted to click on the screen, such as:

  • Click the target in the overview
  • Press “Q” to approach. This brings up a blue circle and a line to click on the target ship sometimes, but sometimes my ship will head in that direction.
  • Press “W” to orbit. Almost always shows the prompt to click on a ship to orbit.
  • Press “Ctrl” to lock. This actually works every time.
  • Press “F1” to activate the weapons. This always places a crosshair on my screen and won’t activate the weapon until I click on the ship that I’ve already locked. If I just click the weapon button at the bottom of the screen it will activate the weapon, however the keyboard shortcut asks for me to click on a ship every single time.

I’m not sure what I’m doing (or not doing) that my friend is doing, but it’s making these introductory missions very clunky for me to work through since I have to press each button and see if it wants me to click or not. What am I doing wrong???

Also, we are both wondering if there is a keybind to cycle through the objects in the overview to select the next target, sort of like how “tab” would choose the next enemy in an RPG game. We were unable to find that, so if anybody can point us in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


Go to the short cut menu. There you can set the keys to whatever you want. Set ctrl to “lock/unlock” target and T to “next target”. That makes it easier.

  1. You’ll have to be in target range to make it work.
    Hold ctrl and click on ever target in the list you want to lock/unlock.
    Use T to switch the targets.
  2. Forget the Q for approching and just press W for circling your target.
  3. If F1 is not working for your weapon, maybe it is in the wrong spot?
    Btw. You can press F1, before locking the target. Very good for pvp. You
    preselect every module you want to use. ( like scram, web, neut, guns…)
    Works with mining lasers too.
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There are multiple ways to do everything in Eve and they seem to have chosen one of the more complicated for the new player experience.

When starting the game I think the radial menu will be easier to use - simply click and hold an object in your overview or on the screen. The menu will pop up in a second and you will be able to choose from a context sensitive range of options. Likewise you can fire your weapons by simply clicking on them in the HUD. While the other ways of doing things may prove valuable as you gain experience - it’s best to keep it as simple as possible starting out.

The weapons on your ship will not automatically move to a new target - there is another class of weapons - drones - that can be set to aggressive and will automatically attack any ship that is targeting you.

Yes, there is. It is located in Navigation and are “Select Next Target” and “Select Previous Target”. Remember, you can remap any keybindings to any key that you like, but if a specific key is bound to another command, you will have to clear that first.

Here is a list of all keybindings in the game:

One other thing I’d suggest is that sometimes keybindings are better for me, but I often prefer to use the radial menu on a given object. Depending on what you are interacting with, that can sometimes be faster. Play around with different way to interact with the UI and you’ll find different things that can work for you.

Also, if you hold Crtl while you click an object in the overview or in space, you will target the object, assuming you are in targeting range.

Maybe the icon of your wepons are not in the F1 space, so you press F1 or F2 or F3 depending of the position of the wepon icon you already set, you got it? ee601828304324b7c9cd223acd51d1f4

You can click the overview and use the cursor keys for that …
… but unless it has focus there’s no way of doing it.

Also, you can cycle through your locked targets using …
… “>” and “<” …
… unless I changed it to these keys and forgot I did. Been a while.

Then you need to look up the key bindings yourself.
That’s actually all that needs to be done: Looking at the key bindings.

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